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How to find and use your personal point of difference: David Walker

“I think most of us in the industry have the skill level and have the ability to list and sell. The thing that generally is the differentiation between why an agent does okay and another agent does really well is because they've got their head in the right space.” David Walker

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As a 2020 AREA awards finalist and one of Ray White’s top selling principals, David Walker is a director of Ray White Upper North Shore. 

He has over 15 years experience in the industry and oversees a growing team spanning four offices. Earlier this year he personally hit the $1 billion sales mark and celebrated 10 years with Ray White.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, David discusses achieving the billion dollar milestone, building Ray White Upper North Shore, the importance of nailing the listing presentation and the difference between OK agents and those who are great.

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In this podcast, Samantha and David also discuss:

  • Attaining the billion-dollar milestone and how ticking away was the key to success
  • The art of selling a pen and how it got him into the industry
  • Building Ray White Upper North Shore, and a yin/yang partnership that works
  • Balancing being a director and a selling principal
  • Playing the long game, attracting the right people and how it’s the key to culture
  • How burning the boats can truly pay off
  • The key to prospecting and the importance of nailing the listing presentation
  • Why you’ve got to keep moving forward
  • The difference between good agents and those who are great

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