How to build a team that will support success: Cathy Richards

In a five part series we caught up with some of the keynote speakers ahead of TBORE 2018 to find out more about their businesses, where great ideas come from and how they onboard new team members. Part five features Cathy Richards of Place Estate Agents.

What’s the most important thing you’re currently working on?

This time of year, coming into spring, we’re customising marketing strategies to ensure we have a fresh, competitive edge. Also important at the moment is constant and clear communication with all clients; with the tightening of the banks’ lending criteria it’s important to stay informed and implement processes that allow us to be prepared for any change in market conditions.

Where do great ideas in your business come from?

I draw ideas and inspiration from the people around me, Family, friends and co-workers – I believe it’s important to bounce ideas off others and incorporate a fresh perspective into every day. I incorporate a lot of my children’s social media ideas into the promoting of my business, as this is becoming an integral component of successful business branding in the modern world.

How do you operate under pressure?

I work in an incredibly fast-paced industry and [when recruiting] need to know my staff will enjoy this aspect. It’s important to understand there are different personality types and to employ people who will not only succeed but who will love the environment they work in.

It’s important to stay informed and implement processes that allow us to be prepared for any change in market conditions.

How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your business?

By selecting the right fit for the position. My employees play a key role in my success, so I am very careful to select people who already encompass the culture of my business – hard workers who love what they do and have a thorough understanding of the importance of delivering a high standard of service.

Who are your leadership mentors and what do they do to inspire you?

I have been extremely fortunate to work within a great company with a very successful principal who has been instrumental in the growth of my success and certainly acted as a mentor in the early days of my career. He, along with other leaders in my professional life, has inspired me by keeping me on track and teaching me throughout the process.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Be confident in your dream and believe it is worth sharing. It’s important to have a great attitude and work ethic as you’ll be a role model to others.

Cathy will be speaking at The Business of Real Estate on the Gold Coast on 3-4 September. For more information visit thebusinessofrealestate.com.au.

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