How to avoid burnout and improve your performance: Chris Wilson

“The key thing is, we don't want to stop the stress response in the body. If we're in highly competitive environments like real estate, we need the accelerative response. We just want to have the tools and the techniques to de-intensify those early stress warning signs quicker.” Chris Wilson

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It’s hardly a secret that real estate has the potential to be a stressful profession. Regardless of whether you work in property management or sales, the industry requires its members to operate at peak performance while negotiating with multiple parties.

While peak performance might be a must, stress scientist Chris Wilson explains that doesn’t mean burnout, overwhelm and stress responses should be a mainstay.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Chris walks through the physiology of the stress response and offers tools, strategies and techniques that both leaders and individuals can use to reduce its impact.

From simple techniques to daily habits, he offers an essential guide to mitigating stress while honing in on the warning signs that everyone should address.

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Chris and Samantha also discuss:

  • Why real estate is an industry prone to high stress, but there’s little conversation about the issue
  • How individuals can identify their personal stress response
  • Why there’s good stress and bad stress, but it’s how you manage it that counts
  • The simple methods everyone can easily embrace to check themselves prior to stress becoming a problem
  • What acute stress does to the body in the short and long-term
  • How to manage your routine to better mitigate stress triggers
  • Why high-performers might have trouble acknowledging their personal stress, and how to have a conversation about it
  • How the best leaders identify stress in their team and the solutions they can draw on to reduce the issue
  • And more…

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