High-performing foundations: Marianne Hynes on psychological safety and how to unlock your team’s full potential by eliminating interpersonal risk

Ever wondered why a meeting ended in silence, or why rumblings of discontent reached you long after your team agreed on a strategy? It could come down to the psychological safety of your workplace, and chances are it’s impacting your team’s performance. Behavioural expert Marianne Hynes explains the importance of psychological safety and how it can unlock five times greater performance in your team.

In real estate, the gold standard is a team with a high-performance culture. They’re the ones who consistently get the big results no matter what the market’s doing, without risk of burnout, high turnover, or low morale.

Key to that high performance is psychological safety, argues behavioural expert and psychological safety specialist Marianne Hynes.

She explains psychological safety is when every member of the team comes to work in the knowledge they have a voice, an important perspective and experience they can share without fear of being judged, ostracised or silenced.

In this episode of the Elevate Podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Marianne explains what psychological safety looks like within an organisation, the benefits it offers, and the strategies leaders can use to embrace it.

She notes teams with a foundation of psychological safety unlock five times greater productivity and performance, while also enjoying a more inclusive and collaborative workplace culture.

And in an age where everything is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, Marianne also explains why psychological safety will be key to the success of real estate agencies and teams moving forward.

“Now more than ever we’ve been asked to do more with less. And you can, if you know how to tap into the potential of your people. Psychological safety is foundational to a performance culture.” – Marianne Hynes

Marianne and Samantha also discuss:

  • The true definition of psychological safety and how it involves every team member bringing their authentic and whole selves to the workplace.
  • How to create a culture of psychological safety and why it starts with the leader creating foundations of trust.
  • Why psychological safety unlocks up to five times greater performance in your team, and how it takes away the distraction of interpersonal risk management.
  • How to determine whether there’s a psychological safety problem in your organisation and the steps you can take to address it.
  • What questions to ask your team and how to lead by example to create a psychologically safe environment.
  • How psychological safety ensures greater creativity and creates an environment where people are valued for themselves, not just their performance.
  • Why psychological safety is the foundation of true wellbeing, and helps eliminate the need for quick fixes, fad initiatives or ad hoc intervention.
  • How psychological safety will be the differentiator between organisations in the future, and how you can build the right foundations now. 

Plus much, much more…

Marianne Hynes will be among the experts attending the upcoming Elite Retreat on July 31, where she will share further strategies that forward thinking leaders can employ to create a psychologically safe environment that unlocks the full potential of a high-performing team.

You can find out more about Elite Retreat and the lineup of speakers and experts attending here.

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