High ambitions built on impeccable service: How Gary Singh plans to dominate his market.  

Creating amazing customer experiences has been at the centre of Gary Singh’s real estate success.

And in partnership with UrbanX, his name is now at the centre of his future with the launch of GS Property Group

Prior to becoming an agent in 2014, Gary had always thrived in customer service roles where he learned the importance of interpersonal skills and adapting to any person and situation.

And it’s these skills, along with his passion for houses, that has led to his success.  

“I have sold 30 listings in the past 15 months with a 100 per cent clearance rate,” Gary says.

“All of the listings I presented on the market were successfully sold.”

And with such success, the question has to be asked, why make the move to your own agency? 

For Gary, the answer is simple – a desire to follow his dreams and destiny, with an attention to detail only he can bring to his clients.

On his own, he’s looking forward to the control he gains, being able to do things his way and being recognised and rewarded for the hard work he puts in.

“I am aiming to achieve ambitious goals, grow my business, and make a significant impact,” Gary says.

“I am determined to succeed in the market.”

Partnering with UrbanX will allow Gary to dedicate his time to achieving his goals, with the backend support taken care of. 

His advice to others feeling the frustration of not being recognised for the work they put in?

“I made the decision and launched within six months,” Gary says.

“The sooner, the better. If you take a calculated risk without overthinking, you will succeed.”

Do you want to join Australia’s premier platform for high-performing agents? Contact UrbanX today.

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