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Generation next: Matt and Luke Lahood

“I think the scoreboard in the industry's been missing a few things. I get GCI, I get KPIs, I get EBITDA. I understand that's a scoreboard, but we now need to add to that family wellbeing, mental health, your health and fitness.” Matt Lahood

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After a career that has encompassed more than 30 years in the industry, The Agency CEO Matt Lahood is well-known for his leadership skills and words of wisdom.

What might be a little less well-known, is that Matt’s son Luke also shares a passion for real estate and is currently a leasing partner with The Agency’s Eastern Suburbs and Inner West branches in Sydney.

Luke brings with him an IT skillset that has proved invaluable to The Agency during COVID-19. But as Matt reflects, that’s just one of the many exciting innovations the next generation of real estate professionals brings to the landscape.

In this episode of the Elevate Podcast, Matt and Luke Lahood discuss family, how the younger generation helped the industry adapt to the changes of COVID-19 and why this Christmas will be a very different real estate event.

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Samantha, Matt, and Luke also discuss:

  • Luke’s IT passion
  • Starting out in the middle of a pandemic
  • Why Luke started in property management
  • The family influence
  • What it’s like working together
  • Embracing tech
  • The Agency in 2020
  • Put your hat and coat on, and keep showing up
  • What we learned from COVID
  • A view to the future
  • Tech’s impact on real estate relationships
  • Matching young guns with experienced agents
  • Tenants become buyers
  • Running it through
  • Goals for 2021

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