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Matt Lahood: Reaching full potential

Matt Lahood has enjoyed nearly 30 years in the industry and has pretty much done it all. As CEO of The Agency he manages one of the fastest growing integrated real estate companies.

On getting into real estate
From the ages of 7 to 15 my parents owned three rentals, which my mum managed. They couldn’t afford an agent, so mum would collect the rent and visit the properties – I would go along too and I thought this would be a fun job.

The happiest moment in my career
When I first obtained my real estate licence. At that time it took three years and a commitment of two nights a week after work to become accredited. And over my career, at both McGrath and The Agency – growing teams and watching individuals grow. Helping people become successful and reach their full potential. From support staff to top sales agents and property managers.

The most memorable moment
When I was just 21 years of age I sold a block of 24 units under the hammer in Randwick. The sale was worth about $4 million and it was incredibly memorable for me, especially at that age.

Best advice he’s received
My father told me – you have our family name, be very careful how you use it in the marketplace, as we have been in the community a long time with an unblemished record. I took this very seriously!

Also my first boss said I must be disciplined. This has been integral to my career.

Biggest challenge
Agents being able to adapt to changing market conditions and to the new ways real estate is being conducted. With changes in technology and client expectations – agents are permanently out – essentially satellites or working remotely. The challenge for businesses that comes with this, is maintaining culture and connection.

Change for good?
A national real estate body, with standardised rules across the country. So the states are all operating under the same standardised rules.

‘Elite’ agent means
Someone who is:

  • Highly focused.
  • Highly organised.
  • Has a large degree of empathy.
  • Always has the client’s best interests at the forefront of doing business.
  • Has the ability to have and manage a difficult/ tough conversation with their clients.

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