Geared for growth on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast real estate market has emerged as a standout success story in the wake of the Covid pandemic, and at the forefront of this boom is Alex Phillis, the innovative managing director of Phillis Real Estate

Over the past seven years, his independent agency has evolved from a one-person venture into a robust team of 15 professionals, and the growth shows no signs of slowing down as he gears up to open two additional offices in the next six months.

The catalyst for the expansion has been the influx of residents from southern states to the idyllic Paradise Point. 

Mr Phillis said the allure lies in the northern part of the Gold Coast, where tranquillity harmonises with vibrancy. 

With pristine beaches along the Broadwater and housing prices that remain comparatively affordable in contrast to major cities, the area has become a magnet for those seeking an enhanced lifestyle.

“People are relocating from Brisbane and Sydney, drawn to the charm of the Gold Coast’s northern reaches,” Mr Phillis said.

“The resulting surge in demand has significantly elevated property values, proving to be a boon for both agents and sellers.”

Setting Phillis Real Estate apart is its deep-rooted connection to the community. 

Mr Phillis emphasises their active role as locals, with personal ties extending to schools, social hubs, and sponsorship of local clubs. 

This authentic engagement resonates with their predominantly family-owned clientele.

The agency’s distinctive edge extends to its powerful presence on social media, innovative marketing strategies, and cutting-edge technology. 

“Our campaigns reach between 50,000 and 100,000 people nationwide, thanks to our world-class marketing approach that seamlessly blends attention to detail with contemporary flair,” he said.

In response to escalating demand and burgeoning population, Phillis Real Estate is strategically expanding. 

Plans are underway to establish offices in Southport and Coomera Waters. 

Infrastructure is a key focus, with investments in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), database modelling, social media management, and a dedicated marketing manager.

As the agency grows, there is a commitment to bringing on board more agents. 

Mr Phillis emphasised being an independent agency enabled them to offer generous commission splits while consistently attracting a diverse clientele.

He said the combination of a prime location, family-oriented ethos, innovation, and unwavering integrity, positions Phillis Real Estate as a sought-after workplace.

“We welcome agents who seek not just a career change but a chance to shine individually,” Mr Phillis said.

“Recognition for hard work is paramount, and we want our team members to be stars in their own right.”

Mr Phillis also recognised the importance of a youthful and collaborative team in driving the agency’s growth. 

“Our young agents bring a fresh perspective and an unparalleled drive to succeed,” he said.

 “Their ability to work together harmoniously not only enhances our internal culture but also translates into exceptional service for our clients.”

For those aspiring to be part of a dynamic and successful team at Phillis Real Estate, the door is open.

Reach out to Alex directly on 0411 600 300 to explore exciting opportunities.

Join the team in seizing the golden growth opportunities on the Gold Coast.

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