Gavin Rubinstein: The fire inside

It was only last year when Gavin Rubinstein announced he was forming his own brand under the Ray White banner.

With an enviable growth trajectory in an ultra-competitive market, Gavin and his team are fuelling the fire of growth through relentless attention to detail, a culture of intense loyalty and a family-first ethos.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll take a detailed look into how the brand operates, what makes them tick, and where to from here. First off the rank is Gavin Rubinstein himself, the man who steers the ship.

Asked how it feels to see his name emblazoned at the entryway of a beautifully appointed office in Woollahra, Gavin Rubinstein probably takes one of the longest pauses of his career.

It’s been just over a year since news broke that the Number 1 sales agent for the Ray White Group was leaving Double Bay, and the past 12 months have been a whirlwind.

He’s launched his own brand under the Ray White mantle, assembled a crack team of high achieving agents, successfully navigated the COVID-19 landscape, and has his eyes set firmly on the future.

“It’s a humbling experience,” Gavin reflects. “I’ve given it a lot for a long time, so to get it, it’s nice.”

It’s clear from the outset this is no ordinary real estate office, and that’s exactly what Gavin intends. Inside the stately building on Queen Street, there is a glamorous day spa feel.

Fresh flowers are dotted on bespoke tables, candles burn softly and champagne sits waiting. There’s a nod to Gavin’s competitive streak, courtesy of NBA memorabilia, while the beats of funky music set a high-energy tone.

It’s a little bit Ray White and a little bit Gavin Rubinstein, but like the brand partnership between the two entities, it absolutely works.

“I wanted it to match the demographic of the people and the homes we represent,” Gavin explains.

That’s the simple explanation, but dig a little deeper and there’s so much more at play.

This is the place The Rubinstein Group (TRG) calls home, and each and every member is looking to build a dynasty.

When Gavin left Ray White Double Bay, the team came with him. His assistant, Remi Quinlivan, later remarks there was no question that would be the case.

The loyalty here runs deep, and it works both ways. When you’re in team Rubinstein, you’re part of the family.

Each member is recognised for their strengths and appreciated for their differences. Several have been included as associate directors of the new brand.

The family focus is now further illustrated by the fact Gavin’s brother has come on board to oversee the business.

Jarryd looks after the day-to-day operation while Gavin focuses on selling. Gavin notes the pair are very different and together create “the perfect storm”.

“Jarryd’s the behind-the-scenes guy,” Gavin explains. “Everything goes through him and I’m fine with that because I can be focused on sales, growing the team, motivating them, and just getting the numbers as high as we can.”

TRG has big plans for what their growth will entail.

Already they’ve attracted star agents, established a property management arm and hit major sales targets. In five years from now, they plan to be knocking those numbers out of the park.

Recently it was also announced Gavin and TRG will feature in an Amazon Prime docu-reality series about Sydney’s real estate market.

“We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re on track,” Gavin says. “My feeling is in five years we’ll take over this entire building, including the adjoining terrace next door.”

Chances are they will make that growth look easy, but behind the scenes, they’ll be working hard.

TRG has a seven-day culture where each team member puts in long hours to get the job done.

Gavin leads this energy and culture from the front, in the knowledge there’s no room for entitlement, despite his impressive record.

“What I try to do here is encourage growth as much as possible, at the same time knowing no-one will ever outwork me or put in more energy,” he says.

“I need to put in that effort every single day, to be in the trenches, to give it that sacrifice, because real estate, now more than ever, is about being on the spot.

“It’s not about last year or what you did yesterday, it’s about what you do tomorrow.”

Every element of the Rubinstein brand reflects this commitment to go a step beyond, and perhaps nothing sums it up better than that beautifully appointed office with the brass nameplate at the front.

“It’s relaxed at the front, yet mayhem at the back,” Gavin states. “All the pistons are moving day-in, day-out.”

Looking from afar, the whole picture is carefully considered, perfectly crafted and just a little bit flash. But as Gavin explains, that’s the image and what goes on beneath the surface tells a whole different tale.

“People see the flash, but they don’t see the fire we create to burn so bright.”

In our next article from this feature series, we profile TRG managing director Jarryd Rubinstein.

As Gavin’s brother, Jarryd is a former corporate executive who spent over a decade working in the international commodity trading industry. Prior to that he was selected and served in the Israeli special forces, and could rightly be described as the quiet yin to Gavin’s yang.

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