From rookie to rapid expansion: Avi Khan

“Immediacy is our currency and that's why what we're doing is resonating in the marketplace.” Avi Khan

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How do you go from being a rookie agent to running three successful offices in just seven short years?

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Samantha McLean chats with an agent who has done just that.

After opening his first office in the Brisbane suburb of Marsden in 2018, Avi Khan now has market dominance in Logan and goals to increase that share far beyond that.

In the process he’s built a culture that focuses on growth by consensus, and allows the agents within his business to make their own mark.

Having just rebranded as the Ray White AKG, Avi shares his essential tips on how to build a great culture, his secrets to growth, and the ethos behind his unwavering focus on true customer service.

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Samantha and Avi also discuss:

  • The key ingredients that create great culture within his business, while attracting top sellers and ensuring they stay
  • What the real issue is for agents in a high-volume market (and it’s not lack of listings)
  • Avi’s simple approach to the process of buying and selling that keeps clients coming back
  • How he achieved an incredible 4.9 Google rating for property management, and whyt that starts with the way you treat property managers
  • How and why his approach to recruitment has changed over the years
  • How he balances marketing his business and each agent’s personal brand. Each is important, he says, but can work together
  • Why he constantly reassesses his goals and where they will take AKG in the period ahead

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