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From Conveyancing to Real Estate

Kaly Smith is a property investment specialist with Ray Mack Real Estate Albury/Wodonga on the border of NSW and Victoria.  Well-known for her low vacancy rate and ‘can- do’ attitude, Kaly will soon become part of the business on the property management side. She currently manages all the aspects of the department to a high service level and is aiming to retain the reputation of getting fast, quality results. With her two children, Jye and Tilly, and a very supportive husband, she loves skiing and living on the water during the summer months.

Kaly-SmithWhat motivated you to get into property management?
After leaving  school I was lucky enough to get my first job at a law firm. I started my real estate career in conveyancing, and I guess from there I found a passion for property. My next step was a reception job at another real estate agency where I gained more experience and started my property management career.

Within the first few weeks I was thrown in the deep end after the property manager quit – it was either sink or swim! I managed to swim and I think that was where  I found the motivation and passion for property management. I love the variety, with something new every day. It’s not an easy job, but that challenge and keeping my clients happy motivates me. I’m always seeking to maximise the return for them.

Who inspires you?
I know this may sound cheesy, but my mum and dad inspire me. They have always worked hard to provide for us ever since we were little, just to ensure we were able to do all the things we wanted to do. I want my kids to look at me the same way.

In your briefcase right now is…
I have never had a briefcase, but I do have my handy folder. It has new business goodies for any prospective clients I meet, and lots of business cards.

Tell us about something you couldn’t live without.
It’s funny – I can’t live without my phone, my iPad for presentations and my remote log-in access, anywhere, any time… my poor husband!

What do you enjoy about Elite Property Manager Magazine?
I get a lot out of the magazine; the different ideas from other property managers, hearing their stories and their successes, and the reasons for doing what they do. I love reading all of it. My daughter also loves it – in fact we like to read it together! She’s obviously a future property manager in the making.

What advice would you offer your younger self or someone just starting out in property management?
Concentrate on your time management! It’s the number one rule for success as a property manager. Without it there is chaos and you’ll forever be running around in circles.

Second, don’t promise something you can’t deliver. Start small and then work your way up in providing your services.

Thirdly, think about a mentor to help you with your business development and ideas. I am currently involved with the BDM Academy and find it’s a great marketing tool and asset for building your knowledge  base.

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