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First in best dressed: How top agents are gaining market share using AI

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of real estate, securing leads and gaining a competitive advantage can make all the difference in a successful career.

With the emergence of innovative online platforms, real estate agents now have the opportunity to access potential sellers before their competitors even know they may be selling.

One such platform that promises this exciting advantage is

With listing numbers down across the country, agents are operating in a fiercely competitive market.

Securing leads at the earliest possible stage is a crucial element of success.

So much so, that research suggests that up to 78 percent of vendors list with the first agent they connect with.

Early leads provide agents with the opportunity to build relationships with potential sellers, understand their needs, and tailor their services accordingly.

By being the first to connect with potential sellers, agents can set themselves apart from competitors and increase the chances of securing valuable listings. offers instant property valuations, created by artificial intelligence, to homeowners who are curious about the value of their property.

Their online reports are sent via SMS instantly and are unlike those previously seen, embracing bold but slick design with detailed information.

By signing up to the platform, real estate agents can tap into this resource and receive notifications whenever potential sellers seek property valuations in their suburb.

This allows the agent to contact the potential seller at the early stages of their selling journey allowing them to establish trust and credibility.

This early engagement often leaves a lasting positive impression on potential clients, increasing the likelihood of securing their business.

One feature of the property report is the local recommended agent section, which allows agents to showcase their latest accolades and be contacted directly.

Another compelling feature is that they only work with one agent per suburb so leads are sent exclusively rather than to multiple agents.

Leads come from a variety of sources including DL flyers and Google Ads.

There’s also an option to include a social media campaign targeted specifically at your chosen suburb.

All leads are verified correct numbers as reports are sent via SMS, therefore clients will not receive their report if the wrong number is entered.

What’sMyPlaceWorth Founder and Director Luke Moody said agents using the platform had quickly gained traction and warm leads.

“One agent using the service signed up for Milton and had five leads in the first week and one of those leads turned into a listing straight away,” he said.

“Another agent snapped up Hope Island and has achieved 15 leads so far, with six appraisals.

“That agent is confident they will list at least one property from the first leaflet drop. They said it’s certainly good value for money and they have just purchased a further 11 suburbs.”

There are three packages to choose from; basic, standard and pro.

The basic package starts at $99 per month and includes Google search exposure and a range of DL designs ready to print and distribute.

All the leads generated in your suburb will go directly to you.

The standard package is $249 per month and it includes $200 worth of targeted social media campaign generating additional leads.

You will also receive DL flyer designs to print and distribute.

If you want to go hard, the pro package is $499 per month and includes $450 worth of social media spend to maximise the number of leads generated.

There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel any time.

To see if your suburb(s) are available head to the website and type in the suburb you want.

Suburbs are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you get lucky and your suburb is available, sign up now to secure it. Once you have secured it no other agent can purchase it.

For more information visit

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