Feature Interview: Susanne King with Claudio Encina

‪#‎AREC2016‬ on the couch…. Our ‪#‎askthecoach‬ regular Claudio Encina talks to Susanne King about doing success your way, discovering what your success ‘CODE’ is, and establishing a positive reputation as an agent.



Claudio: Okay we’re back at AREC 2016 and we’ve got one of the favourite coaches from the [Sales] Transform program of 2016 and AREC speaker, Susie King. Susie, welcome.

Susanne: Thank you, thank you. I’m excited.

Claudio: Are you excited?

Susanne: Yeah, definitely.

Claudio: Are you ready for a couple of questions?

Susanne: I am, let’s do this.

Claudio: Tell me, your keynote yesterday, you had some really great messages and takeaways, but I suppose, what would be one thing that you would want the audience to take away from your keynote yesterday?

Susanne: It’s really about how you do success and to do success your way. It’s really easy to, we’ve been talking about this: following an ideal week or something like that, and it’s not to say that that strategy’s not great, but sometimes it doesn’t work necessarily for everyone so it’s about finding the things that work for you and then implementing those things. That would be the, sort of the key message of it, is doing success your way.

Claudio: Susie, in part of your keynote yesterday you spoke about CODE, can you just tell some of the viewers a little bit more about what the CODE system is?

Susanne: Yes, most definitely. CODE is all about finding out what your success code is. It starts like, obviously starts with C and the first one is commit to investing in yourself or improving yourself and that isn’t just in your skill set but in who you are as a person and how you live life and how to really enjoy life because research sort of indicates that people who are happier and who are loving what they do are more likely to be more successful. O is own your results because, say ‘yes’ to your results and what you want.
Then D is decide for yourself, make a decision that I’m going to do this or I’m going to follow through rather than, oh I might try this or I might give this a go. It’s like no, decide and say you know what? I’m going to go after this and make it happen. Then E is everything is figure-out-able.

Claudio: Is that a word?

Susanne: It is now.

Claudio: Okay.

Susanne: It is now.

Claudio: Out of the Susie King dictionary, right?

Susanne: Damn straight! It works and it’s just cultivating another truth, that there’s always a solution.

Claudio: Where do you see real estate in the next five years?

Susanne: I think the profile of real estate is going to really change because I think that at the moment, it’s a really interesting point because I’m seeing really great agents that are coming out there that are building a really great reputation and then there’s also a big of a lag in some of the reputations and I think that’s going to, you know, I think agents can’t get away with not being great agents anymore with things like social media and this kind of attitude of reality TV that’s coming through.

Claudio: Once you finish with whatever you’re doing, and you may never finish it, but if you did, what would you want people to remember you by? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Susanne: That’s a really good one…

Claudio: I told you there’s gonna be some [good] questions.

Susanne: I know, I like it, I’m going to think about this. That I lived life with love and I’ve made a positive impact.

Claudio: Thanks guys. Thank you Susie for joining us today.

Susanne: My pleasure.

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