Feature Interview: Monika Tu with Claudio Encina

‪#‎AREC2016‬ on the couch…. Our ‪#‎askthecoach‬ regular Claudio Encina talks to Monika Tu about building success and embracing technology in real estate


Claudio: We’re back at the Elite Agent Magazine stand here at AREC 2016, and we have one of the hottest speakers of AREC this year, Monika Tu. Monika, thank you.

Monika: Thank you.

Claudio: That was so funny. I loved it. What about the title, “Chinese Takeaway”?

Monika: Yeah. That’s brilliant.

Claudio: What made you think of “Chinese Takeaway”?

Monika: I think it’s a conference, so I think I need to put some spice, make it a bit interesting, yeah?

Claudio: Well you had everyone in stitches, I’ve got to tell you.

Monika: Thank you so much.

Claudio: Everyone loved your presentation.

Monika: That’s lovely.

Claudio: One thing I’d like to ask you is, what is one thing you would like the audience to take away?

Monika: You know, I’ve been running two successful businesses. I think only one thing – it’s about the value and integrity. It’s hard to build, but you know what? It’s a longevity.

Claudio: That’s right.

Monika: It’s proven to be, you know, successful.

Claudio: Absolutely. So, Monika, where do you see real estate heading in the next five years?

Monika: I think it’s all about marketing. There’s so much technology that is available now, so as a realtor you really have to keep up with the technologies, market the property properly on the market.

Claudio: Yes.

Monika: I think that for me is that I want to learn what’s available out there, so how can I market my vendor’s property properly, but I want to think ahead as well.

Claudio: Yeah.

Monika: I think it’s all about technology.

Claudio: Embracing that technology-

Monika: Absolutely.

Claudio: -and applying it to your advantage.

Monika: That’s right, yes.

Claudio: Monika, once your career’s over in real estate, how would you like people to remember you?

Monika: Very interesting and very humble, and I think, after all, is a good person.

Claudio: You represent all those three things.

Monika: I’m trying. I’m trying.

Claudio: Monika Tu, it’s been a pleasure seeing you on stage here at AREC 2016, and thanks for being part of our interview today.

Monika: Well, thank you so much for having me. I’m very, very grateful.

Claudio: Thanks Monika.

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