Feature Interview: Kate Strickland with Claudio Encina

‪#‎AREC2016‬ on the couch…. Our ‪#‎askthecoach‬ regular Claudio Encina talks to Kate Strickland about life/work balance, having a point of difference as an agent, and ‘selling’ as an enjoyment rather than a stressful task.


Claudio: We’re back here at AREC 2016 at the Elite Agent Magazine stand. and we have some great super-achievers. One of the other ones who we saw this morning that really touched a chord in my emotional side, and that was Kate Strickland. Kate, superb Keynote by the way, really loved it.

Kate: Thank you.

Claudio: Some great take-aways. If there was one thing that you wanted the audience to take away from your presentation, what would that be?

Kate: I think the message I put forward this morning about the boundaries between work and life, and the terminology of the work expands to fill the time you give it is probably the biggest message. Since my talk, people have been coming up to me saying, “I loved that.”

Claudio: Where do you see real estate in the next five years, and how can we adapt?

Kate: Look, it’s an interesting question because there’s just so much trend at the moment around disruptions and, is there going to be a space for real estate agents in the future. I actually feel like there’ll be even more space for real estate agents in the future but I think that you’re going to have to have a point of difference and you’re going to have to have that genuine care. We have a responsibility as agents to make sure that we put ourselves in that space and actually make sure that people realise that agents will affect your ultimate selling price.

Claudio: Once your career in real estate is over, what would you like people to remember Kate Strickland? How you would like them to remember you?

Kate: I’d like to be remembered as being a person that made it smooth sailing, and actually made the effort of selling enjoyable instead of a pain.

Claudio: Kate Strickland, thanks for joining us here at Elite Agent Magazine, AREC 2016

Kate: Thanks, Claudio.

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