Feature Interview: Gavin Rubinstein with Claudio Encina

‪#‎AREC2016‬ on the couch…. Our ‪#‎askthecoach‬ regular Claudio Encina talks to Gavin Rubinstein about digital and social media presence, self-motivation and striving to be better each day.


Claudio: We’re back at Elite Agent Magazine, AREC 2016. The next person I’m going to introduce to you is the number one agent in Ray White across the whole network. He’s done that very, very fast. I’ve got the honour of speaking to Gavin Rubinstein. Gavin, thanks for joining us.

Gavin: Thank you. Good to see you.

Claudio: Good to see you. Gav, what’s one thing you would like the audience to take away from your message tomorrow?

Gavin: Claudio, I think that hopefully I’m going to be providing a lot of value through what it is that I say. I think the one main thing I want people to get from it is to work out what will motivate them and what drives them, because everyone’s is different, and to use it as motivation to take it a step further every day.

Claudio: Yeah, and I think the audience is really going to love that because I’ve heard your ‘why’, and willpower will get you so far up but your ‘why’ power gets you through anything.

Gavin: It’s everything.

Claudio: Fantastic. Tell me about this, the real estate industry’s changing and you’re big on social media and so forth, big following, but where do you see real estate over the next five years?

Gavin: I don’t know necessarily it’s going to change so drastically, I think maybe the question is the next 10, 15, 20 years it’s going to be in a completely different space. I recently read a book called ‘The Cell’ by Fredrik Eklund and he’s a keynote speaker here today, but he talks about and dedicates one chapter specifically to social media. He says that the successful agents of the future will be determined by their presence on digital and social media.

Claudio: Wow, yeah.

Gavin: It’s extremely effective and I see a lot more people realising that in the next five years and gravitating more towards that.

Claudio: Absolutely, and if you want to see how it works, follow Gavin on his social media platforms. Now Gavin, once you finish real estate and your career is over, how would you like people to remember you?

Gavin: I want people, when I am done, to talk about me on the basis that this guy did it better and was just leaps and bounds above anyone else.

Claudio: Gavin Rubinstein, number one agent in Ray White Australia. Thank you for joining me.

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