Eview Group enters the commercial arena, joining forces with Melbourne agency

The Eview Group has confirmed their expansion into the commercial sector, as they broaden their scope and announce their latest partnership with Commercial Real Estate Group.

Founded by Robert Renner, Commercial Real Estate Group is the accumulation of a life-long love affair with property, together with an unwavering passion and commitment to navigate and service an expanding clientele.

Joining the undeniably robust and expansive network of Eview Group agents, Robert’s highly driven and specific skillset is now bolstered by innovative back-end support systems, providing total freedom and flexibility to his day-to-day operations.

“We are honoured that highly experienced and well-respected real estate agent, Robert Renner together with his team, have joined the Eview Group, further introducing our network to the commercial real estate landscape,” Eview Group’s CEO Manos Findikakis revealed.

“Widening our industry scope by spanning into commercial dealings, fundamentally amplifies our offering and serviceability, ultimately connecting our residential and commercial markets.

“We are thrilled to have Robert and his team join our network, believing he can offer something really unique to our group.”

Initially, it was a series of personal property developments throughout the Gold Coast which quickly sparked Robert’s youthful mind, igniting a desire for further real estate knowledge.

It was this hunger for an industry level understanding which drove his decision to pursue property as a full-time career, ultimately transitioning from the professional sales distribution sector into real estate.

Embracing a continuous drive for industry-forefront understanding, Robert connected with Manos and Maria Findikakis, to explore how the potential partnership could further grow his already established brand.

A comprehensive and contemporary approach to administration service and compliance, together with dedicated national training systems, ultimately providing Robert the freedom to focus on his true passion, were amongst many positive outcomes.

“Having operated within the industry for over a decade, it has been exhilarating to watch the transition away from the more traditional agency hierarchy, as the appeal widens to explore the limitless possibilities that come with tech-savvy operations,” Robert explained.

“I’m excited to align with the Eview Group, a network who embraces this modernisation and innovative perspective, amalgamating a contemporary network of professional and creative agents, with industry-forefront systemisations and operations.”

Having a vast appreciation for the intricate systems and procedures required to operate a successful agency, Robert believes Eview Group is the perfect partnering network to help support his established brand, supplementing his existing commercial scope with regular internal training and support.

“We are truly humbled and extremely fortunate to have found such a capable and driven individual, such as Robert, and believe we are the perfect network to help him achieve his desired successes,” Mr Findikakis said.

“Given the evolving nature of our industry, and the recent reliance on digital communication and transactions, we’re excited to think of the possibilities that we can introduce to the commercial real estate sector.

“On a personal level, Robert’s contagious enthusiasm and irrefutable motivation will be an eagerly anticipated addition to our entire network.”

For more information on how Commercial Real Estate Group can help you attain your Melbourne-based commercial or residential visions, please visit

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