Episode 74: Christmas special with Rik Rushton – 2018 in review and thriving in 2019

“My view is that was a great wake-up call for all of us to understand – especially as leaders – that the standard we allow to happen – and the standard that we walk past – is the same that is going define us a year from now, a decade from now unless you shift something.”

2018 is a year that has delivered winds of change travelling as fast as a Glenn McGrath Bouncer – cricket metaphor intended! It started in January with John McGrath ‘getting the band back’ together and this week’s guest Rik Rushton at the same time released a book called “The Power of Connection”.

In this podcast, Samantha McLean takes Rik along through a whistlestop of the months, hits and misses of 2018 – including some cautionary tales, tributes and advice and inspiration for the new year. (There may also be an impersonation or two in there but we can’t say who!)

From all of us at Elite Agent – a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year – and particular thanks to Adam Linder of Bespoken Podcasting who has been the master of the podcast for the last 12 months – we couldn’t do this without his talents!

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Rik Rushton


2:28   Rik describes his life in 2018 in a hashtag
3:22   January – news highlights, McGrath, The Power of Connection
4:26   Talking to the voice in your head, is it OK?
5:42   Sam narrowly avoids disaster with a ‘Man in Black’
6:47   “Keep looking for the opportunity in the difficulty”
6:53   The ‘Cat’ resigns from Domain, What the future might be with Jason Pellegrino
8:23   February – the trend to work/life balance; Rik gives his view on ‘The Hustle’ in the industry
9:00   “I like the things that money can buy; but I like the things that money can’t buy more”
10:30   March – what would Rik’s alter ego (Richie Benaud) have said about the ball tampering scandal, what the industry can learn from this in terms of business culture/behavioural standards
12:52  The National Auction Round Table
13:10  The shift in auctions with the change in market; the trend to renovation
14:54   “Success is not a solo performance”
16:09   Million Dollar Agent – is there a trend away from the traditional agent aspirational avatar?
17:15   Process proceeds results (and the money will take care of itself) and why agents should aim for incremental growth
19:00   April – Purplebricks gets into trouble for their advertising; will they find a place in a tougher market next year?
20:09   “2019 consumers expect far more value for their money than just giving us $20,000 to be Maitre D’s at a restaurant taking names and numbers…”
21:37 launches the Edge product series
23:12   Charles Tarbey announces Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, AREC 2018
23:54   The big trend of 2018 – a lack of socks…!
24:00   June – NSW Government cracks down on Airbnb listings, Rik’s view on Airbnb in 2019
26:19   JulyFairfax and Nine merger is announced, Fair Work changes the RE Industry award for the second time this year.
28:30   The next generation has wanted the same things through time, it’s not just the time we are living in
30:00   August – A new prime minister for Australia and a podcast launched by Rik – Voices of Value
32:04   “I don’t follow politics, because my view is I am not waiting for a better Prime Minister to give me a better life”
33:39   September – Focus back on technology, Proptech investment and disruption
34:45   Rik’s favourite app PhotoFunia
35:30   October – Tributes to Tony Fountain, Di Jones, and David Nitschke – their legacy of authenticity and how they gave to and shaped the industry
37:00   November – the journey to NAR, who’s coming to Australia next year?
39:07   Barry Plant Manningham took out the Gold Area for Agency of the year for the second time, what sets them apart from average agencies
40:00   December – Rik handles the ‘word association’ game with some of the buzzwords of 2018

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.