Episode 69: Gina McCartney’s tips on lead generation and conversion, maintaining balance in leadership + marketing predictions for 2019

“Ultimately, you are the light that people will look to for inspiration, uplifting, optimism, and momentum… and you need to always bring that face and game to work. It doesn’t matter how bad your day is; you need to play that role…”

In this week’s edition of the Elevate podcast as part of our series, The Leadership Diaries, Samantha McLean talks to Gina McCartney, Executive GM of Marketing and Events at, about digital marketing, lead generation and conversion plus her own leadership journey, some marketing predictions — and what’s next for the Edge (Elevate, Match and Reach) product series.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Gina McCartney


2:12 Congratulations to the 2018 AREAs winners
3:43 Are you missing out on leads?
5:37 Agents with ‘elevated profiles’ are receiving 32 per cent more exposure to their agent profile
5:55 Three new features for Elevate coming soon to put agents brands in front of even more consumers
6:33 ‘Match’ has gained more traction with being able to provide more insights about a particular lead
7:11 SMS lead notifications have been enabled so the average response time is now down to eight minutes
7:29 Rachel’s lead management study statistics, from
8:30 Better response times lead to better outcomes in conversion
8:48 ‘Reach’ remarketing pilot is underway, will be brought to market soon – why it will be so effective
9:54 Five tips to ensure you don’t miss out on leads from
11:49 What’s happening with the Hometrack integration
13:05 Some of the things are doing to keep consumers happy and keep them coming back to view content, whether it be property, lifestyle content, agent contacts and more to make sure they get value out of the experience.

The Leadership Diaries
13:28 Gina’s first job and what it taught her
15:05 How Gina sets herself up for the day
15:51 Not everyone will see the value of marketing all the time, but you need to move past that
16:49 What Gina does to lift her energy if she’s having a ‘bad day’
17:24 Who Gina is learning from right now; how CEO Tracey Fellows inspires the team
19:05 Gina’s favourite question to ask someone in a job interview
19:55 Why you need to balance listening to your team with being really clear about what you need from them
20:25 When you might need to think about breaking marketing ‘rules’ to drive better outcomes
22:29 Why you need to stay true to who your audience is and what do you want them to do; rather than getting distracted by tech
22:55 Gina predicts marketing trends for 2019 – where personalisation gets ‘real’.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.