Episode 20: How to Lead a Winning Team, the AREAs, the truth about cats and dogs and more

Recapping the best in real estate for the week ending 17 November, 2017

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean and Mark Edwards recap the week that was.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean


01:00 REA Group hosts 2nd Annual REA Excellence Awards (AREAs)
02:25 The conclusion of Transform Masters and the ‘Shark Tank’ challenge
03:25 How to Lead a Winning Team in 2018 event
04:20 Congratulations to Kylie Maxwell for winning Transform Masters and Marcel Dybner for winning the ‘Shark Tank’ challenge
05:15 Did you win tickets to see the Altman Brothers by providing feedback on the #win2018 event?
06:40 Thank you to our guest editors of #thebrief, Nikki Horner and Leanne Druery
07:35 Tom Panos: Commissions are in the Community, Not the Office
08:55 Melita Bell: Being a Super-Agent and a Super-Mum
09:20 UTS study on how sunshine brings higher auction prices
10:15 Parliament passes new legislation on depreciation; could cause loss in investor deductions
10:40 Angela and Michael Stentiford from Ouwens Casserly: Off market sales a success for prestige properties in Adelaide
11:10 Rent.com.au solves the cats versus dogs debate
11:40 The Magic of Numbers: Fiona Blayney
13:10 Elevate Episode 9: How to manage your business numbers to greater profitability with Fiona Blayney
13:20 Ray White Group completes major “mobile first” upgrade to One System network
13:40 Ray White Projects announces key appointments
13:50 PRDnationwide expands with the addition of six new offices in the past five months
14:00 Pink October has been a resounding success for Century 21
14:25 James Baker & Adrian Venturi of McGrath Avalon on leadership and resilience
15:00 Agents need to sharpen communication with vendors in a slow market: Andrew Cocks
15:45 Overcoming adversity and setting goals: Anna Thomas
16:25 John Knight: How to Survive the Business of Family
17:35 Auction numbers for the week that was and the weekend ahead

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