Episode 17: How to Sustain Business Growth Using Outsourcing

Aimee Engelmann talks about outsourcing's ability to help business capacity and increase satisfaction of current employees and customers.

Transform Masters: Aimee Engelmann, CEO of Beepo, talks to the 2017 Masters about the benefits of outsourcing, how it sustains the fundamentals of your business and its return on investment with some example case studies and data.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Episode coach: Aimee Engelmann


An introduction to Beepo and outsourcing – 01:23

“You can have all of the amazing strategies in the world to go and grow your business, but if your administration is not under control, you are going to have some problems in executing.” – 02:31

Taking care of your administration and sales support allows the capacity to grow and increased satisfaction of current employees – 03:51

Debunking the five myths of outsourcing offshore: poor English skills, data and security, quality of service, current staff feeling threatened and fear that clients won’t like outsourcing – 04:46

Introduction to examples of outsourcing used in property management, sales support, marketing, accounting – 06:10

Case Study #1: Outsourcing orphan calls (i.e. making calls to a database of a sales agent no longer at the office and whose existing relationships with clients have to be rebuilt) – 07:43

Case Study #2: LJ Hooker office hiring a property manager’s assistant for lease renewals, tenancy applications, water invoicing and exit management – 09:49

Case Study #3: Property Management Assistants for two offices in Manuka ACT for administration tasks; outsourcing is now on full-time contract – 10:42

Having thorough workflows as a foundation for outsourcing; there is no end-to-end process due to the amount of variables that can be encountered – 11:42

“It’s not just about finding the right people, it’s about making sure that they understand clearly what part of the process they’re responsible for and what part they need to go back to the sales agent, the sales manager, the property manager for guidance on.”- 13:13

Work-from-office instead of work-from-home for outsourcing/contractors, because there is less security risk when managing databases and clients – 13:48

How the numbers stack up and the total cost of an employee versus an outsourced individual – 14:55

It’s not about making your current admin teams redundant; as your business grows, you want to become more efficient and become a well-oiled machine. – 17:48

The most certain predictor of a repeat purchase or referral is customer satisfaction – 20:17

Using net promoter scores for measuring customer satisfaction, such as AskNicely or RealSatisfied – 20:46

Opening the outsourcing conversation to your team: asking what tasks they don’t like, what tasks do you put off and why, and what are the repeatable processes in your department – 22:57

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