Episode 15: How to Give to Give in Your Community

Chris Hanley talks about community service, give to give and why good works.

Transform Masters: Chris Hanley OAM, Director of Byron Bay First National, talks to the 2017 Masters about where real estate businesses can really add value to both other businesses and the community – and why giving to give works but giving to get does not.

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Chris will also be speaking at our event “How to lead a winning team in 2018” on the 14th November. To book tickets, click here.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Episode coach: Chris Hanley


Building a single communication platform that doesn’t categorise your audience – 01:42

The ‘Good Works’ model – 03:02

“Real estate is one long language game, and I think we’ve got all the words wrong.” Think about how big your community is, instead of how big your database is. – 05:48

The different between ‘give to get’ and ‘give to give’; why you should do the latter – 08:14

You don’t require formal qualifications to be an active member of your community – 10:17

“You’ll never grow in your community unless the values of the other people are the same.”- 12:12

The mistake that most agents make is they stop giving the toil and they just give the check (i.e. stop being part of the community and focus on earning their sale or commission) – 13:22

“The glue that keeps the business together is care and the culture,” and having a transparent business model – 15:04

The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of community service: E.g. Why do I want to do good in the community? How do I get my team involved? – 16:55

You cannot mandate community service; your peers or team members have to want to do it – 18:48

Start with small actions in your community (help one school or sponsoring one event) ; no need for grand plans – 19:31

Always be congratulating your community (in the form of letters, cards, etc) – 19:47

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