Episode 14: How to Own Your Space in Any Conversation

Julie Masters talks about handling nerves, losing the "ums," and improving your powers of personal influence.

Transform Masters: Julie Masters, founder of ODE Management and CEO of Influence Nation, talks to the 2017 Masters about how to own the first two minutes of any meeting, why the rule of threes matters, and why gravity is more important than confidence – and much more. These tips can apply to presentations, staff meetings, 1:1s and even listing presentations.

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Julie will also be speaking at our event “How to lead a winning team in 2018” on the 14th November. To book tickets, click here.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Episode coach: Julie Masters


The first two minutes of your conversation define your credibility and authority – 01:46

The first 2-mins: Setting up energy in your first two minutes – 02:44

The first 2-mins: Open and close your conversation with your intention – 04:40

The first 2-mins: Address the elephants in the room in your first two minutes – 05:50

Your first two minutes should start with energy, then is intention, and finally the elephants – 07:35

Having the power of three, i.e. three points you want to make through your conversation – 08:26

Backing up your three points with personal and masterful storytelling – 09:52

Closing on purpose: Information close i.e. relisting your three points – 13:35

Closing on purpose: Emotion close i.e. closing with a story – 15:55

Closing on purpose: Request close i.e. making a request or call-to-action with your audience – 16:40

“You have to give people space so don’t trample all over yourself.” – 18:19

“In your linguistic programming, there are three positions.” First position is awareness of yourself. Second position is awareness of somebody else, Third position is a bird’s eye view of the audience – 19:58

“There’s a state in that room and you need to break it in order to be heard.” – 24:10

Taking feedback seriously, not personally – 26:38

Answering ‘who do I think I am?’ is the biggest difference between whether you will step up and own your space or whether you won’t. – 27:42

The difference between certainty and confidence. Speaking with certainty is giving the best that you’ve got, rather than closed-minded confidence – 29:42

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