Episode 11: Transforming your business, Clearing Sales, Good works, competing with Purplebricks, Wrestling Sharks, Technology Innovation, Facebook Marketing and more.

Recapping the best in real estate for the week ending 13 October, 2017

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean and Mark Edwards recap the week that was with special guests Lukas Pedder from Elders Mildura in Victoria and Michael Carter from Raine & Horne Penrith, NSW.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean


01:00 Recap of what Michael and Lukas have been doing since Transform Sales 2017
04:00 Clearing Sales – Auctions on steroids
05:45 Auction review last week and upcoming
06:30 What is the Auction market like in Michael’s area
08:45 Brent’s 24-hour open house
10:15 Melissa the Shark wrestler
11:00 Chris Hanley Good Works (video)
12:00 Michael on giving back to the community
14:00 Victorian RTA ruling
15:30 Pets in Properties – is it a bad thing?
17:00 Rent bidding apps
20:00 If the product is free, you are the product
20:30 Purple bricks in Michael’s area and how he deals with the situation
21:30 Michael speaks about outer western Sydney views on VPA
22:00 Lukas overview of listing challenges in Regional Australia
23:00 Michael’s Script and dialogue against Purple Bricks
25:00 The importance of storytelling in marketing
26:00 Stay Safe Online week (video)
32:30 ‘Suits’ Cover reveal
33:00 C21 Future By Design (FB Workplace, OnTheHouse, Internal CRM’s)
34:00 C21 retains franchisors
35:00 How are Lukas and Michael using Social in their businesses
37:30 Steve Carroll on Social Media (video)
39:30 Links to Lukas and Michael

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