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Ed Atkinson: Keep, stop, start 2024

First National isn’t a real estate agency that likes to rest on its laurels and when it comes to leadership, Chief Operating Officer Ed Atkinson embodies what he preaches.

In 2024, Ed says he plans to stay ahead of the AI curve, provide the First National team the tools to succeed, and focus on staying true to his ideal morning routine.

What’s one new thing you want to start doing to improve your business in 2024?

It is not really new, as we jumped on this early in the piece, but continue to embrace AI and the changes it will bring to the industry. 

We want to continue to stay ahead of the curve to give our offices and agents the best tools available to bolster their success.

What’s one aspect of company culture you want to keep maintaining because it contributes to your success?

Being clear on expectations. 

Be clear on the outcome that you are trying to achieve and give your team the necessary support to reach that outcome.

What’s one thing you spend too much time on that you want to stop doing or delegate in 2024?

Creative control to our marketing and design teams – while I really like being involved, you need to let people do the job you pay them to do.

What’s one new daily or weekly habit you want to start implementing to be more productive?

Not getting on my phone when I wake up in the morning. 

Too often, before I know it, I am 15 minutes behind my normal morning routine.

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