Dynamic duo makes perfect match with eXp

Melbourne real estate duo Renea Gilles and Sharyn Weir say they have found the perfect partner to drive their results to the next level.

Both have had successful careers in real estate but needed to find a model that suits their busy lives and allows them to complement each other’s strengths for a common goal.

In August, they made the switch to the online property brokerage eXp, which was founded in the US in 2009 with a cloud-based business saving on bricks-and-mortar overheads. The network now has 80,000 agents around the globe.

Renea and Sharyn worked together at their previous employer and bring a deep knowledge of real estate in Melbourne’s south-eastern bayside suburbs to the new partnership.

Renea worked in real estate in her younger years before her career path changed and she became a successful travel manager.

But after 20 years in the industry, that all altered when the Covid pandemic struck and Renea became unemployed.

Searching for the perfect fit, she made the move into real estate sales.

Sharyn has been in the real estate industry for over seven years and, together the pair have seen all the highs and lows of the property market.

Both say they would no longer be working in the industry without the flexibility and nurturing environment eXp provides.

Importantly for them they can work part-time at other jobs to generate a regular income as they establish their new venture.

“We are loving working with eXp and the way we can help each other get the job done,” Sharyn said.

“In my previous role in real estate I was working seven days a week. Now I work at Channel 10 three nights a week doing security and that gives me hours during the day to work at real estate.

“I can be doing prospecting and keep things running if Renea isn’t available. Being a team works so well for us and going over to eXp has really changed our lives.”

Renea has a special interest in interior design, with a flair for preparing properties for sale.

The job-share flexibility under the eXp banner allows her to also work as a showroom specialist, helping clients choose the perfect stone for their home renovation.

“Technology has changed so much and the real estate model hadn’t kept pace with that,” Renea said.

“I was thinking about leaving the industry but talking to eXp gave me a new perspective on it. There is now a way to work in real estate and balance that with another career.”

They believe eXp’s virtual office is the way of the future as it provides the admin support and network that agents need while giving them the opportunity to develop their personal brand.

The eXp platform launched in Australia in 2019, offering a more competitive share of gross commissions compared with the traditional split of GCI in real estate franchises.

Agents with eXp receive 75 per cent of the first $100,000 of GCI in a year and after hitting that mark receive 100 per cent of GCI.

There are added incentives for top performers with bonuses in eXp shares.

While the financial arrangements are attractive, what drives Sharyn and Renea is the chance to realise the potential of their combined experience in a community that they love.

“You are helping people at a major time in their lives searching for a new home, or understanding the memories they enjoyed in their current home and conveying the message in marketing the home,” Renea said.

While higher interest rates are having an impact on the property market, Renea is confident that interest in the bayside market will remain strong.

“In lockdown, during Covid, people saw the advantages in the bayside,” Renea said.

“You have everything you need in a 5km radius and a lot of people started moving down this way from other suburbs. You are close to the beach and still close to the CBD so the lifestyle is hard to beat.”

The eXp onboarding process made for a smooth transition for Renea and Sharyn.

“Behind the scenes the support for agents is set up so well,” Sharyn said.

“Someone at head office is there to answer any questions. There is a national chat group and a Victoria chat group where your fellow agents will respond with an answer quickly too.

“There are Zoom training calls where you can learn things like strategies to help you work through difficult situations. That’s optional but all the resources are there when you need them

“With the backing of eXp we are really happy in our work and with what we can achieve. It is a different kind of culture that works for everyone.”

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Noel Mengel

Noel Mengel is a freelance journalist and author based in Brisbane.

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