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Direct Connect Extends Partnership Reach to Insurance, Smoke Alarms And Conveyancing

YOU MAY ALREADY BE USING THE SERVICES OF DIRECT CONNECT; as one of the biggest connection companies in Australia they have been helping people move house for the past ten years. What you may not be aware of are some of the fantastic new services on offer from Direct Connect, making life even easier for your clients when it comes to moving. Story by Tara Tyrrell.

AS REAL ESTATE agents and property managers, there’s no doubt you’re often faced with questions from your tenants about how to make the moving process easier. We all know the hassles that come with moving from one property to the next – including getting the utilities connected, insurance, organising removalists.

In recent times, Direct Connect has expanded its services into new areas that have not previously been covered by the traditional niche home connections industry, with new and emerging connections services now accounting for over 20 per cent of its business.

In a win-win for all users, Direct Connect have signed a new partnership agreement with Real Insurance to develop tailored new insurance products for both movers and real estate agents, as well as a referral program designed to open the market further by working with Real Insurance customers directly. A second new referral program with Eziconnect, part of the TSA Group, will also refer customers to Direct Connect in a new agreement, in return offering Eziconnect services to find the right phone and internet solutions.

And Direct Connect has also signed partnerships to extend its mover and agent offering, with conveyancing services through Slater & Gordon’s Conveyancing Works and Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) to test fire alarms for agents, landlords and movers.

The SATS partnership offers a new service that will dramatically increase the number of smoke alarm checks across the nation. With an average of 58 Australians killed in a house fire each year, this new service is certainly imperative. The service includes an annual maintenance program which will be offered to a further 800,000 homes nationally through the 3,200 real estate agents currently working with Direct Connect. It is designed to better protect tenants, landlords and home buyers.

Direct Connect CEO Paul Docherty said the service would streamline the process for agents and landlords, who must ensure smoke alarms in rental properties are properly maintained to improve safety for tenants.

“Research shows that a working smoke alarm can save lives, but most people don’t realise these alarms need regular maintenance. In fact, a lot of people remove alarms and batteries when accidentally triggered. This service will give agents access to a best-practice testing and maintenance program to roll out across thousands of properties, potentially saving lives.”

Real Estate Institute of Queensland CEO Antonia Mercorella also welcomed the annual maintenance program and the impact it will have on improving home fire safety and compliance with state legislation.

“Agents who use this smoke alarm testing and maintenance service will be able to offer tenants increased peace of mind that the home they are moving into is a safe home. Landlords will equally enjoy greater confidence that their tenants, as well as their assets, are protected,” she said.

Along with their new partnerships, Direct Connect are dedicated to making moving day easier. The company is continually improving its technology to enhance the moving process and to allow agents to track the status of their clients’ move and connections.

Their new agent-friendly website is designed to make information more accessible and to provide an improved experience for the user. The site feeds directly into property agents’ commonly used Rockend REST software and MyDesktop, increasing the integration between agents and Direct Connect. The site is mobile-responsive for smart phones and tablets.

Direct Connect have also recently implemented new Visa card technology, including payWave, for real estate agents.

Mr Docherty said innovation and investment were key to the industry’s growth. “Real estate agents are increasingly seeing the value of partnering with a home connections expert. A specialist moving partner provides a value-add to existing relationships, a competitive difference and also drives efficiency within their business.

“Innovation and strategic partnerships are key to opportunity, which is why [we work to] create bespoke products and services that meet the actual, real-time needs of users and agents.”

From managing connections to electricity, gas, phone, internet and Pay TV, to arranging removalists, hire trucks, cleaning services and insurance – everything is taken care of by Direct Connect! And best of all, it’s a free, no-obligation service!

Direct Connect are among Australia’s most highly recommended companies when it comes to taking the hassle out of organising your client’s next move. In fact, Mr Docherty said the average move arranged by individuals took 103 minutes to arrange and eight phone calls to connect essential services.

“Direct Connect saves the average consumer 74 minutes when organising their own move by bringing all of the elements into one place and providing expert recommendations from a suite of providers. Agents have recognised that moving assistance is something their increasingly time-poor customers are craving and it is fantastic to have their support,” he said.

Direct Connect helps thousands of customers every week to move premises without any hassle, even offering an Always On Guarantee to ensure their services are connected on the day they move in.

You’ll also be glad to know that Australia’s leading agents and national industry bodies gladly support Direct Connect, which has agreements with more than 3,200 agents and offers end-to-end moving services for around 800,000 properties. They have long-term partnerships with major real estate firms, including LJ Hooker, Raine & Horne, Philip Webb, Metro and Methven Real Estate, which alone provide access to 140,000 properties under management, and they have moved more than one million people.

Raine & Horne’s Chairman Angus Raine said the DCA service undoubtedly added value to clients.

“A simple, hassle-free moving process is a good thing for customers and agents alike. That Direct Connect is innovating in new areas contributes to Raine & Horne staying ahead of our competitors [by providing] added value to clients,” he said.

Direct Connect is also backed by national industry bodies: Real Estate Institutes of Australia (REIA), Victoria (REIV), New South Wales (REINSW), Queensland (REIQ), Northern Territory (REINT), South Australia (REISA), the Australian Capital Territory (REIACT) and Western Australia (REIWA).

Ms Mercorella said Direct Connect’s expansive and unique service offering, supported by strong agreements with agents across the property industry, suggested that in five years arranging a move would be extinct.

“Moving can be an extremely complex, stressful and time-consuming process for many people. Being able to offer movers a reliable and proven specialist service improves agent relationships and can be a point of difference in a competitive market,” Ms Mercorella said.

If your clients are concerned about the moving process, help them move in the right direction by recommending Direct Connect. For 10 years, Australia’s leading home connections experts Direct Connect has been taking the stress and time out of moving for more than one million customers. Direct Connect employs approximately 170 people nationally, with its core workforce and contact centre based in Melbourne, offering 8am-8pm service Monday to Friday and 8am-5pm on Saturday. Direct Connect is still the only home connections expert company able to offer the ‘Always On Guarantee’ to guarantee working essential services on the day a customer moves into their home. For more information visit

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