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:Different launches Partner Program, rent roll management-as-a-service

The new offering allows small agencies and selling principals to maintain ownership of the rent roll asset while partnering with :Different on PM service delivery

Property management disruptor :Different has launched a new Partner Program with an offering targeted at agencies and selling principals.

:Different say their offering is best described as a “rent roll management-as-a-service” that’s first of its kind.

The new service will see :Different leverage their team of experienced property managers, industry-leading operations, and world-class tech to help take the hassle out of managing a rent roll for agencies.

According to :Different’s research, many rent rolls under 150 properties under management struggle to maintain profitability.

The new service offering from :Different is intended to provide principals with smaller rent rolls a choice to focus more on their sales strengths and customer relationships while maintaining their own asset.

Commenting on the new offering, Co-founder of :Different, Ruwin Perera said the company is incredibly excited to partner with agencies.

“Not only are we investing heavily in our partnerships function and team to bring this to life, we have also brought on top talent like Kasey McDonald,” Mr Perera said.

“Having previously owned a real estate business, Kasey brings a strong understanding of the key pain points and challenges agencies face, and will be instrumental in working with our partnerships team in bringing this new offering to life.”

The :Different model also includes earning a trailing commission on management fees, and full visibility and transparency on rent roll management with custom reporting and dashboards.

The offer is initially targeted at principals and agents who are starting out on their own and/or have under 50 properties under management.

To find out more about the partner program visit https://different.com.au/partners/agency-program

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