Darren Krakowiak: Setting goals for commercial real estate success in 2024

Setting goals and taking action often go hand in hand, but many action-oriented commercial real estate agents tend to overlook the importance of goals.

As we get closer to 2024, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in the new year.

Putting some purpose and direction behind your ambition can transform solid results into exceptional performance.

Action without direction

Setting goals without any subsequent action makes them just wishes or dreams.

Conversely, taking action without predetermined goals can pull you away from your desired path.

Think of it this way: an action without a goal is like a ship without navigational equipment – it might keep moving in the middle of the ocean, but possibly not in the right direction.

The magic happens when actions are supported by well-defined goals.

This creates a guided journey, leading to desired outcomes.

Leadership and vision

Leadership often entails managing teams and directing collective energy towards achieving shared objectives.

A commercial real estate leader who embraces the essence of goal setting can rally motivated individuals who don’t usually set personal goals.

By introducing a compelling vision, teams can create forward momentum, harnessing collective energy to propel everyone forward.

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself for setting a short-term vision: ‘If it’s December 31 in 2024, and I’m looking back on a successful year, what do I see?’

Your answer can form part of your vision.

The reality of goal-setting

Being action-oriented and driven by the thrill of hustling can overshadow the importance of setting clear objectives.

Do you know someone who acts before thinking?

Try asking them about targets or past achievements; I find these people often don’t track their numbers, even though measuring past performance helps create future improvement.

If you consider yourself ambitious, setting clear goals can channel your energy towards tangible outcomes.

When your energy is more directed, it can become an unstoppable force.

Need some evidence?

Goal-setters are more successful in their endeavours; in fact, the research shows that if you write a goal down in pen on paper, you’re 42 per cent more likely to achieve it.

2024 is coming

If you’re a leader, goal-setting is essential.

Establishing goals not only provides direction for your team but also attracts like-minded individuals.

When a team’s energy aligns with the leader’s vision, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

When you have a clear idea of where you’re going, you may repel those who don’t align with the vision.

But this isn’t a bad thing; a unified team moving forward together is far more effective than a fragmented one.

As we approach the end of the year, now is the perfect time to leverage the power of goal-setting.

It will give you something meaningful to say about when people ask for your new year’s resolutions and you’ll have some potentially inspiring remarks to make at the first team meeting of the year.

To set or not to set?

If you’re unsure about establishing your own targets but are still open to obtaining the benefits of goal setting, working with a visionary leader or within a focused organisation is a great compromise.

Being in an environment that embodies purpose means you’ll work your way towards success more quickly.

Whether you’re a leader or an individual looking to make your mark, goals provide a roadmap – and the end of the year is a great time to create new goals.

Setting them can shape your trajectory, and acting on them can ensure you reach your destination.

The synergy between setting goals and taking action offers a blueprint for unparalleled success.

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Darren Krakowiak

Darren Krakowiak is the Founder of CRE Success. He helps commercial real estate leaders to get their businesses growing faster and is the host of Commercial Real Estate Leadership, available as a podcast and on YouTube.