The Leadership Diaries: Dan White

“It has kept our family connected for generations, over 120 years. The Shed is very important to me, personally. You get a great sense of custodianship when you’re there and the family’s role in the group.”

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Believe it or not, the great, great-grandson of Ray White wasn’t 100 per cent sure he would go into real estate.

Dan White actually started his professional career in accounting after receiving a Commerce/Law degree from the University of Queensland.

But the pull of the industry and destiny had more to say in the matter and he’s now been the Managing Director of the group for over 20 years.

These days, Dan is working to develop modern strategies for the Ray White Group while balancing the legacy of his predecessors.

In this edition of the Elevate podcast, Dan reveals what it was like taking the reins of the business, why there was some hesitation in the beginning, and the role his father and brothers have played in developing him to be the leader he is today and what the plans are for the future.

Samantha and Dan also discuss:

  • The challenges (and opportunities) of managing one of Australia’s biggest groups amid continual lockdowns
  • What he has learned from his father and brothers over the years and how each have developed
  • How the family stay connected when it comes to making the important business decisions
  • Recent strategic moves and hires and what that means for the group in terms of addings skills and specialisation
  • The importance of being able to analyse data to help both franchisees and the consumers they serve
  • How Brian’s leadership has inspired him to lead others in the team
  • The importance of continuing education and keeping abreast of technology in the industry
  • What he wishes he knew starting his career in real estate
  • His advice for young people entering the industry
  • Who was really on the phone in the Luxe Listings Sydney finale
  • And more…

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