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Daily Grind or Career Defined?

Do you go to work and do the necessary to take home a regular paycheck at the end of the week? Or are you goal-oriented, performance-based and passion-driven? When you are passionate about a career as a BDM, it shows as you build long-lasting relationships that will take you far beyond what others consider the daily grind.

I believe a job is an activity a person has in order to earn a secure income. It is a routine in which a BDM can get caught up – the trap of consistently performing non-income producing activities and still be paid a regular income.

A career, however, is always goal-oriented, performance-based and passion-driven. When you are passionate about a career as a BDM, you are prepared to go above and beyond what is required. You understand the importance of networking and building long-lasting relationships.

Having a career as a BDM requires you to be open minded and interested in further education. It is important to be on top of your game or in no time your competition will stomp all over you.

If you are a BDM who is just focused on having a job, further learning and specialised training will not be of interest to you. The reason most BDMs stay in the ‘job’ mindset is because it is the safe option and they know the income is always there.

As a BDM, understanding and adopting the salesperson’s mindset will strengthen your ability to have a long-term and successful career. It will set you apart from your competition and will help position you as the local expert.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a new BDM or have been doing the job for a while. A career-driven BDM understands and will very easily perform well in the following five areas:

  • It’s not a nine-to-five role; you need to be prepared to do deals after hours or on weekends
  • You need to believe in the product you are selling to the client
  • Use a database well to maintain, generate and convert leads
  • Be a team player and good communicator
  • Have a competitive nature and be goal oriented.

If you do the work and get the results there are other rewards. I once asked my principal if I could stop work early at 4pm to go to the gym. Her response was one that I will never forget and one I believe to be valuable for all BDMs and principals. She said, ‘Tara, as long as you’re signing 15-plus managements per month I don’t need to know what you do with your time. You have proven you are career-driven and I trust you are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve the targets we have set.’

Defining your own career must be high on the list to escape the daily grind.

Be inspired to change your approach if you discover that you perform with a ‘job’ mindset.

To do this, simply set targets and goals to achieve for the next 12 months, look at the activities you are performing during the day and ask yourself whether they are income-producing or can be delegated while you prospect and build relationships.

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