Crypto tokens welcome all global property investors

The real estate industry is buzzing as international properties can now be bought and sold  using cryptocurrency tokens. 

Australian-founded company, Contracoin, enables buyers to purchase international real estate using a swift, secure blockchain-powered network, eliminating traditional barriers such as complicated banking processes.

Similarly, sellers can list properties on the Contracoin platform and accept various cryptocurrencies such as Contracoin’s own token CTCN, plus Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, with investors able to buy and sell global property using up to 100 per cent of their tokens.

“The global real estate industry was in need of technological solutions to streamline the international transaction process – and now, it has one,” Contracoin Chief Executive Officer and Founder Barry Lipscombe said.

“With Contracoin, we’ve revolutionised the worldwide real estate industry using a blockchain cryptocurrency network that is being widely adopted by the market.” 

High transaction costs, payment transfer delays, inaccessible foreign banks and government restrictions are no longer frustrating blockers to property ownership and investment with Contracoin’s ERC-20 compatible tokens (CTCN) ensuring a high level of transparency.  

The company leverages the Ethereum-based, smart contract technology to minimise errors and boost security and stability during documentation.

With buyers now able to use up to 100 per cent of their Contracoin tokens. 

“There are several other real estate-based cryptocurrencies out there but most are limited to fractional ownership,” Mr Lipscombe said.

“They allow multiple parties to own a share in a property, which can be great at the time but makes it difficult especially if someone wants to sell their share.” 

With Contracoin, sellers may accept 100 per cent of their property’s selling price in tokens or opt to take less and local currency, which creates unique flexibility and a significant point of difference between Contracoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Both commercial and residential real estate can be purchased or sold via Contracoin, with the company mainly listing properties in developed countries.

Contracoin is also available to be purchased separately and traded on major international exchanges or via a direct QR link below.  

“Contracoin, along with major international real estate agencies, now bring outstanding properties to buyers and sellers,” Mr Lipscombe said.

“We’re very proud to be the world’s second highest ranked, real estate crypto coin and we recognise this is a chance to continue an exciting time in the crypto space.” 

Simply download the Contracoin Wallet and purchase the Contracoin CTCN tokens and secure these in your highly secure digital wallet.

To start listing your properties contact Contracoin here.  

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