Creepy interior decorations have everyone talking about this UK listing

Internet sleuths were quick to point out some creepy additions visible in the marketing photos for a UK listing.

A blood-drenched ‘Keep Out’ sign and a grim reaper statue are both clearly visible in marketing photos published with the listing of a three-bedroom house in the city of Nottingham, 7News reports.

The property is located in the suburb of Clifton for offers above £180,000 ($316,000).

It’s unclear whether the decorations are permanent fixtures or forgotten remnants of 2022’s Halloween.

Either way, their inclusion in the marketing photos had reportedly upset the landlord.

Photo: Rightmove

Kennedy News reported that the owner was concerned that the tenant’s choice of decorations would “affect his property’s marketing”.

The creepy styling additions were quickly pointed out by commenters on social media.

The property is described as a “super investment” and features an entrance hall, a lounge, a utility room, off-road parking and an enclosed rear garden.

The offending photo appears to have been removed from the advertisement on listing site Rightmove, though a pillow with the words ‘You inspire my inner serial killer’ remains visible in a photo of one of the bedrooms.

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