Haunted Halloween homes for sale

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s plenty of interest in some of the most haunted homes from around the world.

For those looking for a truly terrifying experience, you can take a tour, spend a weekend, or even buy these notoriously scary properties.

The devil’s visit to Ireland

Loftus Hall on the Hookhead Peninsula in County Wexford has an unsettling history, with some believing it hosted the devil himself.

The tales began with a certain incident back in the late 18th century that really made the hall’s name.

On a dark and stormy night, a stranger was welcomed in from the cold by the Tottenham family.

When the occupants sat down to play cards, they noticed the handsome visitor didn’t have any shoes and the gentleman sported two cloven hooves instead.

In a flash, the man disappeared into smoke, leading the family to believe they had witnessed Lucifer.

The building – built in 1350 – sits on 63 acres with 22 bedrooms and offers tours for those so inclined.

Robbie Williams’ mansion

British-musician Robbie Williams and his American actress-wife, Ayda, purchased the stunning Compton Bassett House in Wiltshire, England, on 72 acres in 2009 for just over $11 million.

However, Robbie decided that something was just not right with the property, in particular his daughter’s bedroom, and promptly moved the family to another location. They sold the property in 2010 because it was just too creepy.

The Williams’ mansion is currently for sale, priced at $9.2 million, listed with Knight Frank U.K.

Source: TopTenRealEstateDeals.com

Silence of the Lambs home for rent

It’s one of the scariest films ever made and the home which was featured in the cult movie, Silence of the Lambs is now for rent as a holiday home.

The home where Buffalo Bill lived in the movie is situated on almost two acres in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, and features 223sq m with four bedrooms and one bath. 

The property is currently an Airbnb, which is bound to appeal to film buffs.

Source: TopTenRealEstateDeals.com

The Gardette-LePretre Haunted Mansion

The Gardette-LePretre Mansion, in New Orleans, is well-known for its terrifying history.

The 1830’s home, hosted the cream of New Orleans society and was known as The Sultan House.

As the story goes, neighbours were walking by The Sultan House, when they saw blood trickling from under the front door.

The police were notified and had to break into the house only to find that everyone inside had been murdered and the Sultan was found buried alive in the backyard. 

The theory is that the murderer was the man’s brother, the real Sultan, as retribution for the theft of his fortune and many of his wives.

The French Quarter-style home with nine bedrooms and 10 bathrooms was most recently sold in 2013 for $2 million.

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