Cranbourne agency explores ‘all avenues’ with new business

When experienced agents and directors Naval Aulakh and Yogi Patel decided it was time to break the mould and start their own agency, they enlisted the help of Identity Marketing to create their brand from the ground up.

While the pair have worked for many agencies over the course of their careers, Mr Aulakh and Mr Patel started to feel as though a boutique brand and independence might be better suited to their needs.

“We got to a point where we knew we wanted more freedom in order to open up more channels for our clients,” Mr Aulakh said.

Fast forward to today and Mr Aulakh and Mr Patel have officially launched All Avenues, a small boutique agency that places its clients first with premium services and an exceptional knowledge of the area.

This new sense of freedom is taking shape in many ways. Under the All Avenues banner they now offer a wider range of marketing options, social media campaigns, and Premiere+ to reach more audiences.

“Our plan over the next five years is to establish the new brand, grow our team, and expand to cover more of the south-east Melbourne region,” Mr Patel said.

When it comes to their collaborative effort with Identity Marketing, Mr Aulakh and Mr Patel sing nothing but praises with how the marketing agency were able to help them achieve their goals.

“We visualised the brand would look and feel a certain way, and Identity Marketing were able to make that vision come true,” Mr Patel said.

“The team was incredibly supportive, helped us through our tight timeline, and stayed genuine and excited through the whole project.”

On the new branding itself, Mr Aulakh said breaking out of the traditional franchise model has helped their customer base connect more to the business.

“So far we’ve found people are connecting more with the new name – it makes more sense to them,” he said.

“From a visual perspective, we’ve been getting a lot of comments on the colour palette.

“Customers have been saying as a whole it feels new, fresh and different to anything else in the industry.”

Although All Avenues is new, Mr Aulakh and Mr Patel have hit the ground running, and say the next year will see even more change for the business.

“Not only do we now have a new look, but our first year is going to mean a bigger team, an updated office and a new presence in the City of Casey,” Mr Aulakh said.

If you are looking to explore every avenue of starting your own agency, get in touch with Identity Marketing today at

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