Courageous Conversations: Hayley Van de Ven on the hard choices that took her from receptionist to industry leader

With four RE/MAX offices to her name, Hayley Van de Ven is rightly regarded as a real estate success story.

But that’s not to say every business decision has been easy or created the results she hoped for. In fact, Hayley notes it’s been a journey with more than a couple of hurdles and a few hard lessons along the way, and the reality is there’s little that prepares you for the challenge of running your own business.

In this Courageous Conversation, Hayley shares how she went from real estate receptionist to one of the industry’s finest leaders, why she thrives on the challenge of managing high-performing teams and how the toughest business lessons became some of the most important she’s learnt.

From gaining trust as a leader to creating transparency in business and the importance of being vulnerable, Hayley candidly shares some of her biggest mistakes, what they taught her and why she’s keen to help others navigate the real estate business challenge.

Some key highlights of this Courageous Conversation, hosted by Leanne Pilkington:

  • 1.30 – How Hayley went from reception to business owner
  • 4.30 – Organic business growth versus acquisition
  • 7.15 – The significance of a Tiffany’s basketball and why it represents the achievement of all businesses in the past couple of years
  • 10.20 – Why you get to choose your own ‘hard’, and how to manage the challenge of being told ‘you can’t’.
  • 12.22 – Why Hayley loves working with high-performers and the role she plays in their success
  • 15.22 – The importance of being a vulnerable leader and why it’s critical to have tough conversations
  • 16.38 – How to unite the vision of very different business cultures
  • 19.05 – How to make the right decision for your entire business
  • 21.44 – The toughest business lessons Hayley’s learnt
  • 26.34 – The importance of recruitment and retention for business owners.

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Leanne Pilkington

Leanne Pilkington is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Laing+Simmons.


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