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Coping through COVID: tools to help you list and sell

The real estate industry is adapting fast and as we navigate the world of COVID-19, digital solutions have never been more important. Don’t get left behind, get ListReady.

Online auctions, virtual property tours and eSignatures are the new normal for selling houses. As agents, vendors and buyers adjust, selecting the right marketing tools could be the difference between a successful sale and a withdrawn property.

Nailing the digital experience can be expensive. Creating high quality video, virtual reality walk-throughs and eSigning platforms all costs money. Plus, property styling remains key to attracting buyers and selling at the highest price.

Nothing you didn’t already know, right? Here’s the catch: in these trying times, vendors will be cautious. Listing a home is one thing, getting an investment in a strong marketing package is a whole other challenge.

Enter ListReady – the digital solution to all your marketing needs. Through ListReady, vendors can defer up to $25,000 in marketing activities and selling costs with nothing to pay until settlement. This will be key during the coming months where days on market will naturally be longer. Agents are paid the funds upfront, allowing delivery of a digitally-savvy sales campaign that will create competition and provide the necessary cash-flow to keep the industry alive.

“We have over 1,000 agents already using our payment solution and the team at ListReady is scaling up to make sure we can support our existing partners and welcome new customers during these uncertain times,” ListReady CEO, Clayton Howes, said.

“Now, more than ever, vendors will need choice when it comes to covering the costs of selling property and agencies need cash flow. ListReady delivers certainty that costs can be covered upfront, while supporting the vendors through deferring payment until settlement.”

With a simple, paperless sign-up process, vendors can be approved for funds in 60 seconds, with payment to the agent being authorised via SMS.

As we fight to keep the real estate industry in action during the COVID-19 crisis, a partnership with ListReady delivers a fast, 100 per cent digital tool that supports selling today.

How to get in touch: visit:,  email: or phone: 1300 25 44 18.

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