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Connected Agency’s extraordinary 100-day transformation

Ask Canberra agents Joel Beard and Stephanie Attneave what they’ve loved most about their first 100 days with the Agents’Agency and the pair reply it’s the ability to tap into the insight of a network of highly experienced agents.

Joel and Stephanie joined the Agents’Agency in March this year, two years after launching their brand, Connected Agency.

Based in Narrabundah and servicing the ACT, their boutique agency offers an end-to-end real estate experience for buyers, sellers, investors and renters that encompasses mortgage broking, property sales, and property management

And, since partnering with the Agents’Agency, Stephanie and Joel have been laser-focussed on building the renown of their brand.

“We were a young agency when we joined, so our focus is on getting consistency in our marketing,” Joel explains.

“The Agents’Agency has been invaluable to us with this, helping us really hone in on specific areas and target our marketing.”

Joel notes, as a result, appraisal numbers have increased markedly, and the brand is building momentum.

In the interim, the pair are also enjoying tapping into the Agents’Agency’s wealth of training and resources.

“It’s really nice to bounce ideas off other successful agents and business owners,” Joel says.

“The training’s also great, and we’re enjoying that, along with having direct access to Agents’Agency founder Manos Findikakis, who is always available to assist.”

Connected Agency’s Stephanie Attneave.

Joel says one great aspect of the Agents’Agency is its resource hub, which allows business owners and agents to pick and choose the tools, marketing and expertise they need for their business.

“The content you get access to is incredible,” Joel says.

“You can also see what has worked for other agents in the network and repeat it.

“It’s like ingredients that you can choose to create a recipe that works for you, and you can plan exactly what you’ll be doing, when, months in advance.”

With their first 100 days with the Agents’Agency under their belt, Joel and Stephanie are now looking towards growth.

“Our appraisal numbers have definitely picked up in the past couple of months, so now we’re looking to keep growing and create consistency,” Joel says.

As for whether he feels partnering with the Agents’Agency was the right decision, Joel says he believes it was.

“If you want direction, support and access to a wealth of proven real estate insight, the Agents’Agency is definitely the way to go.”

For all enquiries and more information on how the Agents’Agency can help you take your career to the next level, please visit or email

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