Collaboration nation: Tech tools to help you communicate better

Technology is forever changing our life and business.

When it comes to managing a team, you need the best tools available to ensure you are efficient and that your communication is clear and precise. 

As an agent or leader, you are operating at a million miles an hour, and one mistake or lack of communication can mean a deal is completely destroyed.

You need to be on point, on time and crystal clear. Every time.

As a business coach to some of the most elite agents in the country and managing a team myself, I am always researching the best tech tools that can make our job easier, create efficiencies, aid clear communication and grow teams with a minimum of fuss.

When it comes to leading your team, make sure you try these two game-changing tech platforms for your business.


Trello is a visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on tasks to action.

Use Trello to collaborate, communicate and coordinate on all of the jobs you need to do each day to carry out each smooth and successful sale.

The two Trello boards you need are:

1. Your pipelines of sales and tasks for a property sale.

2. A team board to delegate everyday jobs that need to be actioned by a team member.

Trello cards are also really useful.

They are where you can manage every part of a task and record things like checklists, due dates, attachments, conversations and lots more.

Trello also integrates with a number of platforms.

The best hack ever though – you can email Trello on the run and it will set up a task for you so you never forget anything.

It’s the best interactive to-do list you will come across and all your team members can be on the board so nothing ever gets lost.


Do you hate emails? Me too.

There is nothing worse than waking up and seeing millions of emails in your inbox or better yet, an email sent but never actioned.

Use WhatsApp with your vendors and create team conversations.

As soon as you sign up a vendor, create a group chat with your team so everyone can stay across all lines of communication.

WhatsApp desktop is also a game-changer.

The desktop version will allow you to proof high-resolution property content like photos and floor plans by dropping and dragging it into the chat.

It’s also a wonderful tool to bring your team together.

Create team group chats, and the formal environment of saying, “Hi Karen”, like you would in an email, is gone and a more conversational and friendly environment will emerge in your team.

Communication is key in real estate.

If you miss one task or let the vendor down through poor communication it can really be a deal-breaker.

Try using these to really change the way you team communicates internally and with your clients, so that you’re all industry leaders.

You won’t regret it.

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Imogen Callister

Imogen Callister is the owner of The Media Coach.