Cloudstaff launches dedicated property division for the Australian market

Cloudstaff, the Australian-headquartered remote staffing platform, has announced the launch of a dedicated division to service the Australian real estate market.

The new division, Cloudstaff Real Estate, works with real estate businesses nationwide to maximise their potential and grow their bottom line by delivering smarter cloud-based workforce solutions.

The move signals the importance of the real estate sector to Cloudstaff.

Of its 5000 staff in the Philippines, around 30 per cent work for Australian real estate companies across a range of roles – from property managers, sales and marketing professionals to accountants, bookkeepers and administrative staff.

An important component of the new division is Cloudstaff Academy, Cloudstaff’s bespoke training centre, that ensures that all staff are industry-ready and able to start contributing from day one.

Jennifer Zanich, Cloudstaff’s newly appointed Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, will assume overall responsibility for Cloudstaff Real Estate.

“Cloudstaff has been doing a great job over the last 10 years of helping Australian real estate businesses, most of whom are small businesses, to grow their bottom line,” Ms Zanich said.

“Over that time, we’ve become one of the largest providers of fully trained property managers in the Australian market.

“But there’s much more we can do to help Australian property firms implement smarter solutions enabling them to get their time back to focus on the activities that are most important to growing profits and reducing costs.

“The significance of the real estate industry and its role in helping the Australian economy grow was highlighted during the pandemic.

“That’s why, for the first time, we’ve consolidated all the different roles and services we can provide to the industry under one umbrella: Cloudstaff Real Estate.”

Chris McDonald, VP of Growth for Cloudstaff, said with interest rates rising, margins in real estate businesses are tighter than ever.

“It’s difficult to provide great service at a cost that home sellers are willing to pay,” Mr McDonald said.

“But while the initial motivation for employing remote staff is often cost savings, the actual outcome is that freeing up sales people to focus on what they’re good at ends up being a huge driver of growth within the business.

“Our real estate clients tell us that individual productivity soars and customer satisfaction increases.

“In buyer-driven markets, good sales people and savvy business owners actually grow their businesses as they look for ways to do things smarter.

“We look forward to working even more closely with real estate companies across Australia to see how Cloudstaff can help turbocharge their businesses.”

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