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Transform 2017 Week 6A Claudio Encina and Jamie Van Le: Prospecting in the Genius Zone

Here are the highlights from our Super Six session with Transform mentor and performance coach Claudio Encina, and #supersix member from Transform 2016, Jamie Van Le.


Claudio Encina and Jamie Van Le

Key Points

  • Changing your mindset around prospecting; see it as the ‘genius zone’ and how to beat the mind
  • Two key ingredients to prospecting: charm ability and imagination
  • Using the ‘door knock’ to your advantage


“Hustle + fun, = consistency = results.”

Video Notes/Transcript

Claudio: Prospecting to me is all about having fun. Most people think of it as this daunting way. So I’m going to talk a little bit this morning around the mindset when you go into prospecting. How to get into the right state of mind with prospecting, then I’m going to give you some examples around some callback scripts that we may use around prospecting because that’s part of prospecting. If you’re going to do some cold calling to door knocking, how would you approach it and what’s the best way to do it?

You got to understand that you’re a freaking miracle and this, I really mean this. Because I was reading the other week, that for someone to have the same DNA as you, Michael, it would have to be like a 440 trillion chance of someone being the same as you, or me, or Darin or anyone like there, like Leanne. So once we get that through our heads. That we’re actually a miracle, and that we’re alive. I think then you really start to appreciate everything.

With the prospecting, a lot of people think it’s yuck. So when I see an agents struggling to make the phone calls or struggling just to maybe perhaps go and do a door knock around prospecting is because they haven’t got the right mindset. So the thing I call it is, you’re going to your genius zone, and that’s what I’m saying to you, it’s like, because you’re a miracle, okay? You guys have a unique thread, and you need to tap into that.

Number one, is start getting to think about when your going into prospect is, you’re tapping into your actual genius. How you move people and how you help people and how you influence people in what you do.

Number one is, don’t look at it as prospecting, if you’ve got like an ideal day and week, cross out the word ‘prospecting’, and put the words ‘genius zone’. So start changing the way we look at things, and the language we use.

Here’s the thing, what stops you from prospecting? It’s hesitation habits. We self sabotage ourselves everyday. Because we have so many thoughts that come in. Generally a lot of negative thoughts. It could be anything from it’s raining outside, it could be from, why would I want to go door knock today?

Generally you have an impulse around, I’m going into a prospecting session. Behind that impulse is you have a goal. The goal is to, you know, add more people to your database, build relationships, possibly book a market appraisal from it or maybe book a listing opportunity from it. So there’s a goal attained. So you have this impulse and we have so many impulses in our day, around things.

So, number one, you have an impulse. Number two, you going to have a goal. You’ve got literally seven seconds to beat your mind with with the self talk in anything you do. All right? And that’s the way I look at everything in my life now. When I’m making a certain decision, sometimes you might want to take a little bit longer, but things like this, where I’m going to be crushing fear, or something of discomfort, this is what I do. Okay? Then I follow it up with physiology.

Understand this, hustle plus fun, equals consistency and equals results. So I said, “That’s the formula.” Hustle, you got to make it fun. Be consistent, it’s going to give you results all the time. So meaning that, we now have a second second rule now, but how you going to start to enjoy this and get into the actual state?

So every call as you make, you need to visualise you’re connecting with your best friend. The same thing, as you’re getting into this state, is actually like, connecting like your best friend, is like behind the door if you’re door knocking. Or your best friend is on the other phone call that you’re going to make. It actually straight away, is going to change your energy and your vibration.

As you’re going into this genius zone of prospecting, which is no longer called the profit zone, as we discussed it a little earlier. Being the Picasso or being whoever you are, but you’re in real estate. Is you tapping in to yourself and getting ready, mentally, into a state where you know what, you being at your best.

Key ingredients to prospecting, guys? Number one, Charm-ability. I say this to people, “What is charm-ability?” Is you making the other person feel more valuable and more important than you. From someone walking in, to an open home.

Charm-ability is making someone feel, like I said, more valuable and important. Because what does that do to someone’s self esteem? It goes up right? And if I feel good, he feel good, that’s the double whammy, that’s like the double take.

Try and make notes on people if you can. Because the personal that you make it, and you become interested in them, the more they’ll become interested in you. That’s sort of part of the prospecting if you’re doing  it through an open home, or you’re basically doing it, you know, you’re meeting someone at a listing presentation which is also part of your prospecting. Okay? That’s your charm-ability. Always try and give people a compliment.

Next things is imagination, the best of the best that I know. And what I mean by imagination, for some of you may or may not have heard of NLP, which is Neuro-linguistic Programming. Neuro being the brain, linguistics being the language. There were certain patterns, and phrases, and words that can help you increase you’re connection with that person basically, in communicating with someone. The imagination part is a part where, your prospects generally make their decisions from, which is in the unconscious mind.

Jamie We actually call it ‘investigation zone’ in the office. You want to try to find out as much as possible about the prospect of the buyer, the seller, whatever. You’re trying to just match them with what you have coming up, or what’s on the market, build a report.

For me, what I do, a lot and I find really effective is the door knock. Because I find that, that my conversion face to face is a lot stronger, then I follow it up with calls. So it might be, say, for Botany, I try to pretty much hit a street a day.

Something I learned years ago when I was in this industry, its called layering, like at the gym, you’ve always got a lot of people coming through, and it’s very hard to build report. You want to layer it each week.

So I’m going to work with Claudio now for a couple of years now really. Yeah a couple of years. And the state of know that Claudio was talking about is so true.

I had a mentor that challenged me a few years ago. And he said that – because I love to train, so I’ll be at the gym – his challenge was, how about this, your goal is to get an MA a day. Or you can’t get out of the gym. It was driving me nuts, right, Claudio? Remember I was ringing you?

And the funny thing was, once you start sort of thinking there, what the result you want, and because it’s leverage against something that you really want, it just puts you in a different mindset. That day was like, I got four that day.

Because the pain of not going to the gym was killing me. But then it told me an urgency as well. 

So to this day, what I do is, or if I wasn’t here today, generally a door knock from ten, just for maybe an hour, an hour and a half. Then in the afternoons, I’ll do another session. Then I think it’s like exercise anyway, cause I’m walking around and getting-, you’re getting your face out there.

People like to know who the person is, rather that you are in your suit every Saturday, driving your fancy car.

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