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Can your digital marketing be streamlined?

Campaigntrack, the largest real estate marketing company in Australasia, has launched Artspeed Evo – a new online design platform to help its customers deliver marketing solutions with more ease and efficiency than ever before. We spoke with CEO Tim Dean to find out how real estate offices can use the technology to streamline their marketing.

What can you tell us about Artspeed Evo?

Artspeed Evo will revolutionise the way agencies tackle their marketing. The dynamic elastic templates reduce the number of artwork templates for most brands by typically 90 per cent. Think about that for a second. Most brands require hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand templates to deal with their supplier network. But by dramatically cutting this we allow faster rebrands, faster rollouts and faster onboarding of new suppliers too.

In partnering with our customers and leveraging the best developments in technology, we’ve spent the last 12 months evolving our unique software to further streamline the creation of marketing campaigns for our clients. The result is a range of exciting new capabilities, delivered with a speed that the market has not seen before.

What was the idea behind the platform?

Campaigntrack remains focused on our mission to radically simplify and improve the entire marketing process for real estate professionals, drawing on the latest digital technologies available. The development of this online design platform is critical to our roadmap for delivering a vital service that remains at the forefront of the real estate industry. We’re really invested in cutting-edge technology. We have a dedicated research and development team that’s continually trialling new strategies and systems, finding the optimal solutions to deliver what our customers are trying to achieve.

What are the features agents are going to love?

Three things – ease of use, speed and efficiency. The product enables even the most technologically challenged person in the office to create sophisticated marketing campaigns that will impress potential local buyers.

How does the product save the average agent time?

Artwork is pre-filled with all photos plus property, agent and agency data, and you are able to type directly into your artwork and see the creative come to life. The artwork updates in real time so there’s no need to refresh or apply your text changes, and you can simply use your mouse inside the template to move, resize and rotate images or elements.

Will the finished product look professional?

Artspeed Evo is based on InDesign technology, so the templates are pixel-perfect replications of supplied files, reducing artwork turnaround times. It’s a mobile-friendly HTML5 platform which allows for designs to be edited on the go. And unlike other systems, it’s fast: the platform also supports multiple page documents in one screen and has eliminated the refresh data behaviour of other systems, making it much faster to use.

What types of layouts are supported?

On Artspeed Evo the templates are dynamic and one template can be automatically sent to any supplier with any specifications. Those same templates can be intuitively adapted for portrait, square or landscape designs. The platform also supports a range of traditional marketing requirements, as well as important digital advertising channels, generating on-spec ads for Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

With the templates so easy to adapt, an office is able to cut the number of templates required to one-tenth, which reduces the effort required to perform brand-wide changes or updates by 90 per cent.

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