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Build your BDM profile through video

The world of Facebook Live, YouTube and IGTV are moving at a rapid pace. If you are undecided about what to do on any of these platforms, now is the time. Tara Bradbury explains how to get started with video.

Every day I have BDMs telling me that they want to do more videos to promote themselves and educate their clients, but have no idea what to say or where to even start.

My first piece of advice is just to start. It won’t be perfect in the beginning and, to be honest, would you really want it to be? Your clients and customers want to see the real you! If you are too structured and regimented, you will find yourself losing followers fast. You need to share content which will provide value, education and give them confidence to make an informed decision.

Location, location, location

Location is everything. Think about what is visually in the background, but also any noise intrusions that may impact the quality of the content for the viewer. Never be afraid to switch up the location. If you are using a green screen, consider different backgrounds that are relevant to the content you are covering.

What are you wearing?

Dress to impress, and add in logos or agency branding along with contact details during the editing stages to make sure your viewers can easily find you. Take the time to review other video content from agents in your area and beyond to get ideas. This will help ensure the content you are recording is unique and not the same message as your competition.

Your clients and customers want to see the real you. If you are too structured and regimented, you will find yourself losing followers fast.

Opening and closing

How you start and finish the video is vital. From my experience with Toastmasters, before you get in front of the camera all you need to know is your opening, body and closing points. You need to get to those points quickly to keep your viewer’s attention and leave them wanting to know more.

Don’t over-complicate

Try not to over-complicate the content, and avoid acronyms to save confusion. Remember, all we can do in the world of property management is provide advice and guidance for our clients. Therefore, it is so important to share your message through video and educate the same way you would at your next listing appointment.

Ask for help

If you want a stronger digital profile and are struggling with the idea of getting started, don’t go straight to live or you will keep holding off. Ask someone in your team to help, maybe to be the one who holds the camera or even interviews you.

If you can master the world of video, I can guarantee it will increase your brand awareness and you will be recognised as the investment property specialist.


  • Talk about how many properties were leased in the area, and how many of those were leased by your office
  • How to prepare your property for rent, and what is required before your first tenant inspection
  • What should you do if a tenant has fallen behind in the rent
  • Tips to find your first investment property, or how to increase your current portfolio
  • I’m a property manager, and I’ve hired a professional to manage my investment property, and here is why.

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Tara Bradbury

Tara Bradbury is the Director of the BDM Academy sharing her business development ideas and strategies with property management BDM’s and Principals. For more information visit bdmacademy.com.au.