Brisbane inner-city agent Jonzun Lee launches his own business

Jonzun Lee, a stalwart of the Brisbane real estate industry, has just launched a new business and brand with his wife Maria after two decades in the industry.

The partnership with UrbanX enables them to focus on their clients and deliver creative marketing campaigns under their new brand, ‘Jonzun Lee’.  

After entering the industry 20 years ago, Mr Lee said he was excited to launch his own brand and to be back working with UrbanX CEO Dan Argent again, after sitting next to each other in a Brisbane CBD office back in 2003. 

“UrbanX has flipped the industry on its head,” Mr Lee said.

“They have made it possible for agents to run their own business and brand in a way that was unheard of a few years ago. 

“This new business model already has the traditional agencies shaking in their boots. Everything is so personalised with UrbanX. 

“We were asked how do you want your logo to look? How can we help? What can we do for you?

“It is such a different approach, and the support is phenomenal, especially with social media and digital advertising, which should give us a boost in sales.” 

Mr Lee focuses on the area within a 5km radius of the CBD, specialising in Spring Hill and Petrie Terrace, however he has sold in over 50 suburbs in Brisbane.

The husband and wife team knew their brand was very important to their success and wanted to create something that resonated with their target market.

With a background in marketing, Mrs Lee was able to work closely with the UrbanX team to come up with a brand concept that ensures the Jonzun Lee brand stands out from the rest in the inner city. 

“Our market has generally been the over 50s, but we’re seeing a shift, so our brand needs to work for the younger buyers coming into the area and resonate with them as well,” Mrs Lee said.

“That is where the overall look and feel for the Jonzun Lee brand has come from and we love it.

“The UrbanX team produced a logo and brand that is unique, fits well with our market, and we have already received really positive feedback from so many already.” 

The partnership with UrbanX has allowed them to think differently about running their own business and, with the support behind the scenes, Mr Lee said it didn’t feel like he was listing and selling on his own. 

It also gave Mrs Lee the opportunity to showcase her experience and qualifications in marketing and design to ensure their client’s properties are marketed in the best possible way.

As she says: “Our property marketing leads to premium results’’. 

“I’ve told a few clients that we have a premier full-service support business working behind the scenes with us,” Mr Lee noted.

“It’s very different from a franchise or large chain, because we get to do it in our way where we are all about providing our experience, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of our clients. 

“That’s what it’s about at the end of the day.”

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and unlock the power of your own brand, powered by UrbanX? Find out more today.

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