Bridging the Skills Gap

REFLECTING ON YOUR own professional experience and performance over the last 12 months can help you develop the right actions and create the right type of change. But first you need to work out where your own gaps are. Vasili Hadzellis explains.

ONE OF MY favourite songs of all time is ‘Man in the Mirror’ by the King, Michael Jackson. He speaks to looking at yourself, to wanting to make things better, with the notion of self-reflection.

A great way of tackling this process is to grab a piece of paper and draw a dividing line vertically and horizontally, so you have essentially four rectangles on the page. Then, fill them in using these four headings as a guide.

  1. WINS

This is where you outline all your advantages and key points of difference that you think have led to your success over the year. You would also include all the great events and ‘high five’ moments that have happened during the last 12 months, both professionally and personally.

As an example, if you are a leasing consultant, it could be that you have had a lower days-on-market rate as a result of you now professionally photographing your properties or including floorplans in your ‘for lease’ advertisements.


This is where you would list what hasn’t worked so well this past year. Being honest about your mistakes and shortcomings is the only sure-fire way to correct them.

For example, if you are a property manager it could be that you may have lost managements because you weren’t able to get on top of all of those emails. Be honest about whether that is personal time management or whether there is a business issue with capacity.


There is always an opportunity to learn, no matter where you are in your career journey. Here is an exciting challenge: write down ways in which you could improve your performance, or identify where a little more attention and focus could have led to you being more innovative or efficient in how you deliver your property management experience.

As an example, property managers might look at their processes to ensure that they are communicating with landlords and tenants in a positive way. For landlords, it is essential that their property investment experience with you is more than reactive calls and emails about ‘problems’. Change up your reasons to call so that it isn’t just repairs and arrears. Maybe 2018 is your year to increase your investment literacy and become a knowledgeable and trusted advisor who provides professional recommendations based on how the rental market or sales market is performing.

As a further example, BDMs might look now at creating a marketing and prospecting calendar for 2018, so that before the year starts they have committed to the activities needed to move towards those growth goals. A realised plan, ahead of time, turns wishes into goals and removes the obstacle of procrastination. 2018 could be the year that you consistently go about executing these activities month by month for sustainable growth across the year.


Be honest about what skills, knowledge, eq and personal development could be lacking in your arsenal.

Looking at your challenges and opportunities lists, be honest about what skills, knowledge, EQ and personal development could be lacking in your arsenal. Then set about finding the right training and committing to it to bridge those gaps.

There are some fantastic property management conferences coming up over the course of the year. I love attending this type of event as you are always learning from different industry leaders. By networking and sharing your experience with property management practitioners from around Australia, you may find that they are facing the same challenges as you. Sometimes frontline solution-sharing can be the most important learning you can do.


Become a bookworm! Two of my favourites and recommend reading for all property managers are Useful Belief by Chris Helder and Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.

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