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Automation Transformation

Automation is a major trend in technological developments that is set to provide new ways of working. With the ability to deliver and receive better service, work more efficiently and reduce the need to search for information there are new tools and trends that are about to make life easier.

The future of technology is a topic which could expand over numerous articles, given the vast array of trends and technologies which are emerging. To elaborate on the topic from my last article about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving, another aspect of technology which is rapidly increasing – a trend which I believe will be the foundation for many technological institutions and services – is automation.

There is a tool on the internet called IFTTT (If This Then That). Essentially this application creates a recipe of actions to automate and perform tasks. Numerous products and platforms integrate with this system; one new product is the LIFX bulb. The LED light bulb connects with the internet and is controlled by your phone, watch or light switch. Through IFTTT you can create various recipes; for example, ‘If you arrive home then your lights will automatically turn on’. This sort of automation and programming is becoming increasingly popular in modern technology.

Within the real estate industry, especially in property management, there is a range of different tasks that are far more automated today than they were five to ten years ago. This can be seen with online banking; through this platform you can automatically process receipts and schedule future transactions. Although this may seem like a small form of automation, the overall system saves us huge amounts of time and stress.

Rockend’s property management software, PropertyTree, features a number of tools which can help automate your day. As a property manager, planning the route for your daily inspection run can be tedious. PropertyTree uses Google Maps to plan the best route between five or ten different properties.

Another tool which features automation technology is the arrears management system. You can set up a variety of communications channels, such as a letter, text messages and an email to notify tenants automatically when they are in arrears. A text message may be sent one day in arrears, an email three days in arrears and a letter five days in arrears. All these communications can be written and sent without any human interaction, which provides a significant amount of value to your business.

Technology and machinery should perform these tasks as humans often don’t have the capacity or scope. The demands on service providers are becoming greater and it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the level of service that clients are wanting. Using technology to perform these tasks will significantly increase the efficiency of the business and the customer service offering.

The future of technology is hugely exciting, with automation set to become more prevalent. I believe this will have profound impacts on the real estate industry; property management will become increasingly efficient and effective, with far simpler access to information for both businesses and consumers.

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Alister Maple-Brown

Alister Maple-Brown is the CEO of leading property management software provider Rockend. For more information visit rockend.com.au.