Glenn Twiddle

Glenn Twiddle

Glenn Twiddle is a real estate coach, trainer and Chief Executive Office at Total Success Summit. For more information visit
  • Photo of What Arnold Schwarzenegger Taught Me About Success

    What Arnold Schwarzenegger Taught Me About Success

    HAVING PERHAPS PULLED OFF THE greatest ‘coup’ in Australian real estate events, Glenn Twiddle reflects on the things he learned from the Hollywood superstar turned politician at this year’s QREAS conference. When I decided to invite Arnold Schwarzenegger to Australia, I really didn’t think it was ever going to happen. But one of Arnold’s rules…

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  • Photo of Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

    Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

    Clichés easily come out of speakers’ mouths, including mine. Living by those clichés is hard. We’ve all heard sayings like ‘Good is the Enemy of Great’ or my favourite, quoting one of my mentors, Eric Thomas: ‘Be phenomenal or be forgotten’. Although we may have all heard these motivational quotes before, how do we instil…

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  • Photo of The 7 habits of highly effective agents

    The 7 habits of highly effective agents

    It was a dark and stormy night in 1908 when a young, struggling journalist called Napoleon Hill was issued a challenge by Industrialist Andrew Carnegie, at no pay. As the legend goes, he had about 30 seconds to accept. The challenge was this: for Carnegie to introduce Hill to the 500 wealthiest people in the…

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  • Photo of Three Step Business Plan

    Three Step Business Plan

    Glenn Twiddle outlines his three-point plan for establishing a successful real estate profile in any area. Many top agents have certain things in common. I was asked recently by someone brand new to the industry, ‘What are the three biggest things to focus on to ensure a successful real estate career?’ I take this question…

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  • Photo of Video Stars

    Video Stars

    When The Buggles recorded “Video Killed the Radio Star” in 1979 they couldn’t have possibly predicted how the Internet would create ‘video stars’ out of real estate agents in the 21st Century. And now, says Glenn Twiddle, unless you are using video as a property marketing tool, you may end up like yesterday’s radio star. Believe…

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  • Photo of Real Estate Rebels

    Real Estate Rebels

    Sales trainer Glenn Twiddle recently assembled a band of agents doing the opposite of what their competitors are doing, and leading the way. EARL NIGHTINGALE once said something like “In the absence of a valid model for success, do the opposite of what everyone else does, and you’ll probably do OK.” Now many agents are…

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  • Photo of The Marketing Triangle

    The Marketing Triangle

    Marketing is a three-legged approach of ‘who’, ‘what’, and ‘where’, says Glenn Twiddle. If you have ever been exasperated by a less skilled Agent winning a listing that should have been yours; it may be that one of your marketing foundations is broken and needs repair. The great trainer, David Knox, was quoted many years…

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  • Photo of Real Estate Agents Ready To Rumble

    Real Estate Agents Ready To Rumble

    Glenn Twiddle refereed the first ever ‘Real Estate Smackdown’ and over 700 agents registered for the most attended Real Estate Internet webinar in recent history. In one corner was Chris ’Lightning Fast’ Gilmour and in the other was Aaron ‘The Hammer’ Shiner. Both young guns achieving seven figure incomes in their late 20’s, they were…

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  • Photo of Negative Goal Setting

    Negative Goal Setting

    Not all goal setting has to be positive for there to be a positive outcome. Glenn Twiddle takes us through a revolutionary way to set your goals and targets for a successful 2012, suggesting that a negative attitude is equally as powerful as a positive one. You’ve heard all the clichés before. ‘Set your goals…

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  • Photo of Online Lead Generation

    Online Lead Generation

    Earlier this year, he brought you the “Real Estate Secret Shopper”. After “unleashing hell” at QREAS in August, one of Australia’s favourite real estate coaches, Glenn Twiddle, is back out there finding the best deal for agents with respect to online “lead generation” websites. My coaching clients are always asking me about whether they should…

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  • Photo of It’s Called WORK For A Reason!

    It’s Called WORK For A Reason!

    If you haven’t seen or heard Larry Winget in action before, you are in for a treat. Glenn Twiddle recently spoke to ‘The Pitbull of Personal Development’ – who has a clear message for everyone out there that thinks the Real Estate Market at the moment is ‘hard’. Pulling no punches in his style of…

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  • Photo of Undercover Customer – Creating a Brilliant Open Home Experience

    Undercover Customer – Creating a Brilliant Open Home Experience

    Over the past year, many Real Estate agents across the country were ‘Mystery Shopped’ by Real Estate Author and Coach, Glenn Twiddle and his team. He chose the properties at random, and was on the lookout to score agents on following up, marketing skills, sales skills, negotiation prowess, and test the capabilities of the agents in…

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