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It’s Called WORK For A Reason!

If you haven’t seen or heard Larry Winget in action before, you are in for a treat. Glenn Twiddle recently spoke to ‘The Pitbull of Personal Development’ – who has a clear message for everyone out there that thinks the Real Estate Market at the moment is ‘hard’. Pulling no punches in his style of delivery, for some, it may not be pretty!

GT: So are we going to get ugly in this interview Larry, based on what you’ve heard about the state of the Australian Real Estate market?

LW: I believe in going ugly early. It sort of weeds out the weak people early. If they are not ready to accept the truth, and sadly most people aren’t, then I would just get rid of them early on.

GT: Your message of personal responsibility is quite timely here in the Real Estate Industry. How do you suggest we start living by that philosophy?

LW: I believe in one simple theme in everything I do: ‘life is all your damn fault’. It’s your thoughts, your words, and your actions that created the life you are living. I take that one theme of personal responsibility and drive it through parenting and personal development, your finances and every area of your business. The tough real estate market there though certainly is not unique to Australian Real Estate.

People are leaving every industry across the world in drones and I say ‘good, get rid of them.’ Only the strong survive and being strong or being weak is your choice. So don’t offer yourself any excuses to the fact that the economy sucks or whatever it is you are going to say to yourself. It’s your own fault. If you want to survive and if you want to succeed, you’ll figure out a way to do it.

GT: You certainly don’t mince words. Do you get negative feedback for your style of language when delivering your message?

LW: I always find it really interesting that people are so offended by a word, or my language rather than the fact that they messed up their life so much! I would be much more offended that I have not lived up to my full potential or that I have disappointed my family or that I haven’t done well as I know I could have done simply because I was stupid or lazy or that I just didn’t care enough in order to do whatever it took to be successful. And that’s really what it always comes down to.

I believe everything is about priorities. Your time, energy and your money always go to what’s really important to you and if you care enough about your family, those things that are important to you, you will do whatever it takes and if you don’t, it’s just because you don’t care.

GT: I understand you used to be a motivational speaker Larry, and you don’t go by that title anymore?

LW: I trademarked the fact that I am the “World’s Only Irritational Speaker®.” I don’t believe that I can motivate somebody from where they are to a better place. In other words, I can’t make you feel good enough about yourself that you are willing to do what it takes to be successful. I believe pain is a much better motivator. I can make you so irritated with where you are in life that you will do anything to go to a better place.

GT: How does your message of ‘It’s Your Own Damn Fault’ fit in with things like ‘The Secret’ and the ‘Law of Attraction?’

LW: The most popular blog I ever wrote is: ‘The Secret is a Total Load of Crap’. It’s probably the stupidest thing ever put on paper and people who bought that idea should be ashamed of themselves. All that ‘The Secret’ ever did was encourage people to be lazy. And the “Law of Attraction” is the most ignorant, stupid thing we’ve ever perpetuated. The Secret’s core message is “What you think about and talk about, comes about.” I believe “What you think about, talk about, and get off your ass and do something about is what comes about.” It takes action to change things. You can’t think your way to success. I believe that ‘The Secret’ garnered such huge popularity because it gave people a hope that they could be successful without working for it.

GT: We’ve had mixed messages on ‘goal setting’ over the years. What’s involved in the Larry way of setting goals?

LW: What good has setting goals ever done for anybody? You don’t get where you want by setting goals. You get where you want by achieving your goals. We are focusing way too much on everything except the action part of it. The key to getting where you want to be is to understand the daily-ness of the work. It’s the ‘right now’ that matters. You create the future you want, whether it be financially, with your health, with your weight or whatever, by working every single day.

GT: You have some great titles for your books ‘Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life’ and your new book “People are Idiots and I Can Prove It.”

LW: Well, we are all surrounded by idiots. The premise of that book is the idea that we talk a pretty good game but we just don’t deliver on that game. People say they want success and yet their actions do everything in the world to make sure they are not successful. People say they want to be healthy and then they don’t act in a healthy way. I get tired of hearing people say they want success. No you don’t; you want what you’ve got. And if you didn’t want it to be that way, you’d do whatever it took to make it different. I know people think I am horrible for saying that people are idiots and I take a lot of criticism about being a judgmental person. I don’t judge people, I judge their actions.

When you look at your actions, that will tell you what kind of a person you are. So the whole book is based on looking at the things you do in your life that sabotage your success regardless of what you say you want.

GT: Is there anything you want to part with the Australian folk, a message you want to leave. Is there any question you wished I’d asked that I didn’t?

LW: I always like to close interviews by reminding people one little thing that I’ve touched on here. We get so focused on how to get more successful and you can’t get more success. You have to give up what’s keeping you from being successful. Just like you don’t get rich, you give up what’s making you broke. You don’t get healthy, you give up what’s making you unhealthy. I get the question more than any other question: “What does it take to be successful?” This is all people need to do: Take a sheet of paper and write down where you are. In every single area of life, write down where you are right now. Then on another sheet of paper write down where you’d like to be in your life; how much money you’d like to have, how you would like to live, how much you would like to weigh, all those kind of things. Write down where your life could be and then look at where you are and figure out what are you going to give up to get from where you are to get to where you want to be. Life is about giving up. Life is about sacrifice. Life is about changing the way you are right now. Whether you start giving up some thoughts, the way you talk, the way you act, how much you work or don’t work; its about giving up in order to get what you want. We often don’t focus on the giving up. We usually focus on the getting. You never get without giving up first. Remember that.

Glenn Twiddle is known as the “No B.S.” marketing trainer who teaches agents to be the #1 agent in their area in 3 years or less, no matter where you are right now. He coaches #1 agents across the country in Guerilla Marketing, Sales Skills, Marketing Prowess and ‘out of the box’ thinking for dominating your area.

For more information and tips visit www.glenntwiddle.com.au/blog. For the full 50 minute audio of this interview, contact Glenn Twiddle at glenn@glenntwiddle.com.au To hear even more Larry, visit www.LarryWinget.com.

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