Feature Interview: Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly with Claudio Encina

‪#‎AREC2016‬ on the couch…. Our ‪#‎askthecoach‬ regular Claudio Encina talks to Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly of Ouwens Casserly Real Estate about the future of ‪Real Estate‬, and the need for authenticity in real estate.


Claudio: We’ve got the honour of speaking to Alex and Nathan from OC (Ouwens Casserly). Guys, I suppose you got your keynote happening tomorrow. Alex, if there’s one key message you’d like the audience to take away, what would that message be?

Alex: Look Claudio, our presentation is all about what we think agents will need to be skilled up in for the year 2020. We’re not making any predictions as to where the industry will be, but we’re just going to be sharing our thoughts on what we’re going to be teaching and sharing information with our agents on. The main point that we’d like to really get across is really about authenticity in real estate, and just being real.

Claudio: Nathan, for you?

Nathan: As a society, we just more and more want to deal with real people who are genuine and authentic. Hopefully that’s the message that comes across in our presentation.

Claudio: Where do you see real estate in the next five years, Alex?

Alex: I think there’s definitely going to be some more digital disruption to the real estate space. What that will look like, who knows? It will definitely be some sort of digital interface that tries to get between the buyer, and the seller, and the landlord, and the tenant. What we see is going to be really critical is people’s negotiation skills, agents’ ability to get in front of consumers to get more listings. That’s not going to change. I think that drive to make a good community around yourself so that you can get listings full, plus also being a good negotiator.

Claudio: Nathan, what about yourself? Where do you see real estate in the next five years?

Nathan: History has shown us that there’s been some sort of disruption probably every five years or so. Our relevance will still be there, and that human connection is going to be so critical. If not, more critical.

Claudio: When you do leave real estate, Alex, what do you want people to remember you by?

Alex: I hope that as a company and as a person we’re remembered as being a true, authentic, leading company in real estate and people can say, “Look, Alex and Nathan truly want to give back to the industry. It wasn’t all about themselves.”

Claudio: Nathan, for you?

Nathan: Considering what Alex was talking about – giving back to the industry – I think it’s just the support we’ve given. Hopefully we’ve enabled some people to grow not only financially but more so grow as humans, and individuals, and just played a small part in their life to success, whatever it is that it looks like.

Claudio: Guys, thank you for joining me today.

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