Ask Jo: Navigating property management nightmares – who to call when uncertainty strikes

In the whirlwind world of property management, unexpected challenges are the norm rather than the exception.

From dealing with unruly tenants to finding a snake loose on the property, the question often arises, “Who should I call when?”

Social media might offer quick advice, but it’s rarely tailored to your specific needs and regulations.

Don’t worry, Jo-Anne Oliveri’s got your back—let’s dive into how property managers can navigate these tricky situations while keeping everyone happy and compliant.


In the unpredictable day-to-day world of property management, unique challenges often leave me wondering and somewhat confused, “Who should I call when?”

Whether it’s an unprecedented event or a one-off situation, like a snake slithering loose on the property, seeking advice on social media is quite often confusing.

So, Jo, when faced with uncertainty or in need of a second opinion, who should property managers turn to?

How can property managers navigate these situations while ensuring compliance with legislation, and keeping owners and tenants happy? 

Curious and Confused Property Manager.


Hi Curious and Confused Property Manager,

Great question.

In the intricate landscape of property management, unexpected challenges often arise, leaving property managers pondering the crucial question: “Who should I call when?”

Whether facing unprecedented events like the recent pandemic or encountering unique, one-off situations, property managers find themselves in uncharted territory.

As social media becomes a hub for seeking advice, it’s essential to tread carefully.

While these platforms allow for experience sharing, the guidance received may not align with state legislation, contractual agreements, or company policies.

In such moments, when clarity is sought or a second opinion is needed, the best course of action is to bypass the noise and go directly to the source.

Reach out to the department overseeing relevant regulations, consult your state real estate institute, and meticulously review contractual agreements.

Avoid the potential pitfalls of social media, especially when facing time-sensitive issues like property damage, tenant ‘quiet enjoyment’, pest invasions, or shattered fixtures.

Irrespective of blame, acting swiftly is paramount.

Whether dealing with mould, a snake on the loose (or a family of skunks, that my team had to deal with when I was working in California), or even a shattered shower screen, the property owner’s immediate response is in their best interest.

Even when legal processes come into play, the owner must act promptly until a resolution is achieved, whether through acknowledgment of responsibility, mediation, or the court process to ensure responsibility and restitution of costs is pointed to the rightful party.

The intricacies of property management, coupled with the often ambiguous nature of legislation, underscore the importance of a comprehensive policy, protocol, and procedures manual.

This invaluable document not only guides property managers through routine processes, but also provides a clear roadmap for handling unfamiliar or challenging situations.

So, the next time the question arises, “Who should I call when?” remember, it’s not Ghostbusters, and it’s not the advice from social media you should rely on.

Instead, follow the established processes outlined in your agency’s policy, procedures, and protocol.

This document should be your go-to guide, even including a “What to do when you don’t know” protocol.

In the dynamic world of property management, having a reliable roadmap ensures you navigate the challenges with confidence and competence.

Until next time, stay curious and enjoy your journey in property management!

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